We all miss somebody sometimes.


A dad enters into negotiations with his daughter.

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The internet keeps trying to tell me this album was from 2006 but it just seems to be impossible in my head.

I’ve spent most of my day pretty bored. It felt like such a waste because the weather outside is so unnaturally warm. I don’t have much interesting to say today so here’s an example of what I do at work:

One of my clients has a pet beta fish named “Snowflake” that he constantly torments. It’s not necessarily malicious, he just seems to have no idea of how to take care of a fish (and not kill the thing). I had some time on my hands so I decided it was time for Snowflake to draft a letter to my client. Lets call my client “David”. If you’re bored and want to read a letter from a fish check it out after the jump.


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Me: For some reason straight guys like me. I just had one befriend me at the bus stop.

Fred: You smell like a girl.


Oh yeah here’s CBC Radio’s top 10 songs of 2011, enjoy!

Happy New Years!

I have some shocking confessions to make. Music aficiendos and hipsters should stop reading here to prevent panty bunching.

I don’t like Tune-Yards,  Destroyer, or Dirty Projectors. There I said it. Even the way Tune-Yards is spelled (tUnE-yArDs) aggravates me. I want to like Destroyer so much…but I just don’t. Here’s Dirty Projectors:

What the shit. Liberal Art school gone awry. Keep in mind I like weird pretentious music. Maybe I’ll come around, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I doubt it.

Anyways, speaking of pretentious, what ever happened to Patrick Wolf? Never mind, I looked it up. He was awesomely talented, awesomely gay, and awesomely pretentious. Turns out he may have took all of that way too far to disastrous effect in singles like this

That song just makes me uncomfortable. This song however is kinda awesome. I’d also like to say it’s probably what Fred and I’s awkward son would be like. Enjoy.

Tonight’s been a good night. I have food in the house for the first time in a week, there’s going to be some serious business smoothies later, and I’m going to an art show at 8. On top of it I get to try some of my new clothes out on the local hipsters. I picked up 2 cardigans, 2 shirts, and a blue blazer. Not bad for $100, I probably would have done even better but Forever 21 had shit for sales and no mediums in anything.

I’m obsessing over this song, both the original and the remix.

Ok Just finished making snoothies. They’re pretty much the best thing ever. I love my food processor already!

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