I have some shocking confessions to make. Music aficiendos and hipsters should stop reading here to prevent panty bunching.

I don’t like Tune-Yards,  Destroyer, or Dirty Projectors. There I said it. Even the way Tune-Yards is spelled (tUnE-yArDs) aggravates me. I want to like Destroyer so much…but I just don’t. Here’s Dirty Projectors:

What the shit. Liberal Art school gone awry. Keep in mind I like weird pretentious music. Maybe I’ll come around, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I doubt it.

Anyways, speaking of pretentious, what ever happened to Patrick Wolf? Never mind, I looked it up. He was awesomely talented, awesomely gay, and awesomely pretentious. Turns out he may have took all of that way too far to disastrous effect in singles like this

That song just makes me uncomfortable. This song however is kinda awesome. I’d also like to say it’s probably what Fred and I’s awkward son would be like. Enjoy.