December 2011

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Me: For some reason straight guys like me. I just had one befriend me at the bus stop.

Fred: You smell like a girl.


Oh yeah here’s CBC Radio’s top 10 songs of 2011, enjoy!

Happy New Years!


I have some shocking confessions to make. Music aficiendos and hipsters should stop reading here to prevent panty bunching.

I don’t like Tune-Yards,  Destroyer, or Dirty Projectors. There I said it. Even the way Tune-Yards is spelled (tUnE-yArDs) aggravates me. I want to like Destroyer so much…but I just don’t. Here’s Dirty Projectors:

What the shit. Liberal Art school gone awry. Keep in mind I like weird pretentious music. Maybe I’ll come around, it wouldn’t be the first time, but I doubt it.

Anyways, speaking of pretentious, what ever happened to Patrick Wolf? Never mind, I looked it up. He was awesomely talented, awesomely gay, and awesomely pretentious. Turns out he may have took all of that way too far to disastrous effect in singles like this

That song just makes me uncomfortable. This song however is kinda awesome. I’d also like to say it’s probably what Fred and I’s awkward son would be like. Enjoy.

Tonight’s been a good night. I have food in the house for the first time in a week, there’s going to be some serious business smoothies later, and I’m going to an art show at 8. On top of it I get to try some of my new clothes out on the local hipsters. I picked up 2 cardigans, 2 shirts, and a blue blazer. Not bad for $100, I probably would have done even better but Forever 21 had shit for sales and no mediums in anything.

I’m obsessing over this song, both the original and the remix.

Ok Just finished making snoothies. They’re pretty much the best thing ever. I love my food processor already!

As usual I can’t sleep so I figured I’d do a short update here. I’m watching a hilarious and dare I say touching episode of Kenny Hotz’s Triumph of the Will. Kenny’s trying to find his 75 year old mother love. Is it creepy to say I think she’s beautiful for 75?  I’m also having a minor break out of hives from stress. Great. It’s been a strange week; it started with an absolute disaster at work on Monday. I’ve gone out to drink twice already this week as well; on one occasion a hipster girl sat down with me and struck up a conversation, and on another I bumped into a girl I used to gawk at back in grade 11.  Apparently I’m “obviously from Osborne village”. I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment or an insult. Gay karaoke night was surprisingly busy and even more conspicuously lacking in drag queens. My mom called today and apparently thought I was dead. My phone’s been on and off all month and apparently she’s been calling me for 3 weeks. Oops. Thanks for calling the authorities though mom, jeez I would have been disposed of in the Assiniboine for weeks by now. Ah I also tried to get a gym pass this week but Snap ended their 8.95 trial-month promotion. Looks like I need to wait until next pay period then.

I’m still depressed as shit and moping my lonely ass around the house randomly touching things and looking out the window. Seriously, put a wig on me and get a camera with a filter to shoot me through. This could be a Prozac commercial. Anyways, because I’m moody here’s a song that makes me sad.


Canadian researchers have made a pretty big step forward in the battle against AIDS.

Work was terrible today. I feel like this line of work is really getting to me. Instead of feeling good about what I do I just get beat down by the heartbreaking things I see. The worst is that it’s seriously lacking in any sort of recognition or thanks. I just wanted to come home tonight crawl into bed and have someone lay with me and tell me it’s ok and I’m doing the right thing. I might take some time off.

I could listen to classic Matthew Good for infinity right now.

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