November 2011

Music Wednesday again. This week it’s a throwback to my 2005 obsession Sebastien Grainger. Most people know him has one half of now defunct but legendary sexy robot dance punk act Death From Above 1979. He went solo after the breakup and actually recorded some pretty great stuff. Unfortunately he incubated it a little too long  between the 2005 demos and the 2008 release; the final product American Names lost some of the original appeal. Luckily I got to see him during NXNE in Toronto at the Horseshoe in the early stages, what a show! Here’s some songs to make you feel good and sexy.




Goatee’s need to stop being a thing. That is all.

I woke up to a winter wonder land outside my window today. Unfortunately my room is freezing because it has no heat entering it and my basement is still damp. I have a feeling it’s going to be a long bus trip today with all the snow. I’m just downloading my weekly Dan Savage podcast before work; I might freshen up my MP3 player by adding some new albums too. I’ll take my camera to work with me today, maybe there will be something interesting for me capture. Too bad I can’t have the house or any of the kids in any pictures, they’re always doing amusing things and DW is a total camera whore.

Winnipeg is increasing it’s transit fare by 25 cents this year; the biggest increase in the city’s history. This is a pretty tough  pill to swallow considering it just finished increasing by 5 cents. As it is student bus passes cost over 60 dollars. The city’s students and poor are having to make due with even less a month now while there is no end in site for the city’s rapid transit plan. Most of us students will never see the benefits.

Oh yeah exciting news, I’m going to see Austra and Young Galaxy on the 24th! I’ll let you know how it is.

Tonight was great. Meeting Fred’s mom, Pop Soda’s, a play opening.
Why did I ruin it all by listening to Sufjan Stevens?

Le sigh

I may have just rode the bus home beside 20 year old Rasputin. The dude was seriously scary, I didn’t know faces came that angular and dead.

Try telling this dude he’s paying an extra 25 cents in ’12.

Today’s been an interesting day. I wrote a gender studies exam first thing in the morning which took me about 3 hours. Damn you Hillary Lips! Just as I was settling in to start writing my Neuroscience paper I got a text from Carl: “The basement is flooding.” That’s always great news to receive when you’re swamped with work at school and have ALL your clean clothes in said basement. This whole situation is doubly bad because I’m supposed to be meeting Fred’s mom who’s in from France tomorrow. Now I have to re-wash all my clothes and figure out somewhere else to shower because our hot water tank is shot. Aw shucks! The day ended well though, I spent it writing a fun paper discussing Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein as it relates to neuroscience. I never get to write that sort of paper, always research and statistics and such instead.

Today’s music Wednesday so here’s some Rural Alberta Advantage. RAA are Canadian critical darlings known for their songwriting, lo fi punk tinged folk, and often tragic true tales from the prairies. Their new single is no exception, “Tornado ’87” tells a story of love and loss based on Alberta’s giant ’87 tornado incident. Here’s the new video, or the straight version if you prefer.

The video is interesting but takes a bit from the actual song.

I love every version of Bat For Lashes “Daniel” ever created. Here’s some of my favorites starting with the original, then the newer (more inetresting?) versions.




Weird and live


or most originally

Canadian gay Indie sex-god style


I’ve awoken something ancient and powerful on my face. I fear I may not be able to send it back again.

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