November 2011

Two music suggestions this week.

The first is Bon Iver’s “Creature Fear”. I love this song and was thrilled to see it paired with Les Amours Imaginaires in a youtube trailer.

The second two songs are by Montreal band Young Galaxy. They’ve been around for awhile now but their latest album is really making waves. We saw them open for Austra and they were a great time.  Here’s a both a new song and an old one.

In other news Jamie is Wolverine. He just re-grew a finger tip in a day.


Is it just me or does this look like the reanimated corpse of Ryan Gosling ?

Today’s been a strange day. I started off by sleeping for 13 hours. Who does that?? My alarm wasn’t set so my buddy just decided to go all Rip Van Winkle, I’m surprised I didn’t wake up with a beard. Sleep aids seem to do this to me every time, I always want to sleep forever. After waking from my slumber I went out to run some errands before work. While sitting on the bus I noticed a hearing impaired lady get on the bus and set her groceries down on the front holder thing; 20 minutes later when she’s at her stop she walks right past her groceries. The bus drivers tries the whole polite, “Excuse me mam” technique but uh dude…she can’t hear. So she’s off the bus and walking down Corydon and no one is doing a god dam thing. I leap to my feet like Capatain America grab her bag of groceries and sprint down the street after her. World saved for another day.

Later I come upon this tempting curiosity as I’m walking to the bank.

This holds either a tasty dinner or a painful death

I actually considered it for a good 2 minutes. I couldn’t help feeling like I’d end up like those dogs that eat sausages they find in parks so  I decided against it.

The line at the bank was a nightmare and of course it’s populated by seniors looking to take out 20 dollars or a roll of quarters. When my turn comes the young Korean woman working seems talkative….a little too talkative. She giggling at my jokes and discussing university with me instead of promptly depositing my cheque. About half way through I realized, holy shit this girl is flirting with me. I hardly every get hit on so I feel guilty for not fully enjoying it, but I’m a miserable curmudgeon right now and all I wanted her to do was deposit my damn cheque so I can crawl back into bed. Sorry Sara.

Work has been a disaster for the last couple weeks so I’m kind of dreading going. Someone crashed the van into the garage and didn’t bother telling anyone. Unless someone comes forward my boss is writing everyone who worker that weekend up. It’s total bullshit because we have a van log so at the very least he should be writing up the people that drove the van not everyone. On top of it, the damage is  $ 3,000 and it means none of us are getting the Christmas bonuses we desperately need. Ugh I’ll let you know how it goes.

Lastly here’s a sign I noticed on Pembina

Now here’s the website. See if you can spot the horse shit. (Sorry WordPress wouldn’t let me link it properly)

I’ve decided to say fuck studying for the night and possibly tomorrow. Between work, school, and me generally being a catastrophic fuck up I have no more energy for anything right now. I should have took my parents up on a free dinner tonight, at least I wouldn’t be hungry.

I’ve heard Bridesmaids is good from a hundred different people so I’m going to watch it tonight. Has anyone already seen it? I’ll let you guys know what I think.

*Update* Ok Bridesmaids was really good.

The time has come. Unleash the Tegan and Sara!

Tonight was the Austra show. It would have been perfect except I was missing the person who I wanted to share it with most. Now I’m just sad and drunk instead.

Austra was amazing though. The back up singers from Tasseomancy were absolutely insufferable to watch but none of that had any effect over the powerful spell cast by Katie Stelmanis over her audience. Her voice was incredible, probably the best in the current Canadian music scene.


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