October 2011



…and fuck you too life.


ok, well then. Now that I got that out I’m going to rage hump my pillow or something. Cheers! xoxoxo


It’s cold, grey, and foggy outside. Is this winter for you Vancouver?  Coffee. Sweet sweet coffee is what this morning calls for. I even added some cinnamon to the grounds because I’m a fancy girl.

I will be studying for 8 hours today as well so that’s another reason I’m going to need that coffee. I always read the news first thing in the morning, so before I get  to studying here’s a new roundup of my favorite stories.

Controversial Conservative Toronto mayor messes up again.

Neepawa gets into some seriously fucked up hazing shit. Plus it’s a little gay.

Boys get cancer and STI’s too therefore boys need vaccination as well. Sorry Mrs. Bachmann.

Ricker Mercier on homophobic bullying


Now here’s some entertainging links:

Apple’s new Siri has trouble understanding Scots. Don’t worry Siri we all do.

I don’t read Dutch/German/Swedish(?) but this looks cool.


















I’m sitting in front of my computer with a cool tumbler of rye and coke in my hand. Just a single, nothing too dramatic. Maybe I’m channeling my inner Don Draper, or maybe I’ve undergone  some transfiguration into my long dead Irish grandfather.

My job, hell my life, has become extremely emotionally draining over the last month. Luckily Jamie came into the room and kept me company for a few hours. We commiserated and shared salacious secrets.

In less depressing news I finished my sex and gender exam today and feel like I did pretty spectacular. Hopefully I did, nothing is as demoralizing as getting an 86 % on an open book test. It basically shows that you’re either an idiot or incredibly lazy. God I hope it’s the later.

Oh, after over 5 years the toad-man found me. I have no idea how, and it seriously creeps me out.

Wow I really need to post more. It’s music Wednesday already and I haven’t posted anything in between. Here’s something gay and dramatic for you to listen to though. Their name is Junior Boys and you probably already know them. If not here’s my current favorite remix of their stuff. (I skipped some repetitive shit at the start)

Oh and the original.

They also do remixes of their own, here’s their remix of the immaculate Billie Holiday

Listen to Beach House. That’s about all I need to say. If it’s raining listen to Beach House. If you’re walking listen to Beach House. If it’s Autumn listen to Beach House. If you just kissed somebody listen to Beach House. If you’re pooping don’t listen to Beach House.


I suggest you start with their album “Teen Dream”. Youtube it.

Today was a success!

I managed to jog to Pan Am and back no problem and swam 2 kms while there. Awesome! I’m cleaning up the house a bit and making burritos with Fred later. I’ve asked him to finally give up the camping photo’s he’s been sitting on so maybe I’ll have something to post tomorrow.

I’ve spent an hour trying to re-work Dan Mangan’s song Road Regrets into something I can play. I’ve tinkered with the tempo and different strumming and picking styles, no luck. It’s really not that complicated of a song, and it’s not like the man has a high voice so why can’t i make this work? I can’t even seem to sing it in my natural voice for some reason. I always assume this weird voice. Fuck.

Also, you all already know this but Dan may have written one of the most heartfelt and lyrically beautiful songs about aging and Alzheimer’s I’ve ever heard.