Hello No One,

Tonight is turning out pretty dull. I’m cooking up some potatoes and corn for a poverty dinner. Ok, I shouldn’t knock it the potatoes are actually pretty tasty. I’ll post Sean’s Special Potatoes recipe after the jump. If the lighting in the kitchen wasn’t so awful I’d take some pictures for you guys as well. Oh yeah I’m listening to Islands Return to the Sea, so far so good.

I’ve been kind of bummed out and unimpressed with life lately. I think I need to change up a lot of things to find some new motivation so I’ve started writing again. No angsty cryptic free form poetry thankfully. Ok, maybe a little moody but not poetry. I’m not sure if it’s meant for mass consumption but it makes me feel better and it’s a good way of feeling creative. I’ve also been thinking of starting yet another blog. Well more like just axing this one and starting fresh and more professional like. I’ll let you know if that happens. I was also thinking of coming up with an alias so I could treat it more public. Any suggestions, or blog title ideas? Danielle?

Back to cooking. Stay classy friends.