June 2011

I was out walking today and realized that (newly)Conservative MP Joyce Bateman’s constituency office is a block from my house. Looks like I can bitch with ease now.


Today I finally got around to buying some Rocks and Wine glasses. We’re big people now! Now that I’m older and more comfortable with my sexuality I also bought a cornucopia of scented candles. Frenchie has no idea what he’s in for.

Fred and I are hopefully going out for tasty sushi at Platea tonight. It’s the kind of place that is just too awesome to be as empty as it usually is so tell some friends. It also doesn’t hurt that the owner is adorable.

To finish the night off we’re going to catch the latest X-men movie. I was incredibly skeptical of it but the reviews seem pretty good so I’ll get back to you on that. Pictures to be posted if my battery is charged  in time!