March 2011

I woke up exhausted today. There’s no reason why I should have considering I got over 9 hours of sleep. Unlike yesterday’s whirlwind of productivity, today I barely left my bed until 3:30. Luckily I forced myself to run which made me feel much better.

Also, did anyone else get an email from Conservative Industry Minister Tony Clement? How the hell did he get my email address? Why does he think it’s appropriate to invade my online privacy by emailing me what amounts to pro-Conservative campaigning?

Here’s the workout stats:

Distance: 3 miles

Calories: 425

Push-ups: 100

Sit-ups: 40

Weight: 168 lbs

Arm Status: 16 year old-esqe




I guess the last post may have been a bit of an overstatement because despite eating like a shameless disgusting mess for the last month AND barely working out….I managed to drop 3-4 lbs. I’m going to chalk this up to losing every bit of muscle I had because my midsection looks like a hobo’s. Anyways, I’m now down to 167 lbs. I don’t think I’ve been this light since I was 19, and not in a good way clearly.

In somewhat related news I’m procrastinating getting groceries because I’m too lazy to wait for a bus. There’s an epic battle between my crippling lethargy and the fact that I’ve yet to eat anything today and am fucking starving. This is how pizza’s get ordered.


So here’s the return of the workout blog. Yes I realize it’ll probably disappear again in a few weeks, but for the time being it helps me get motivated to exercise my squishy body.

Distance: 3.14 miles.

Calories: 390

Push-ups: 100

Sit-ups: 40

Weight: ?

Arm Status: 16 year old-esqe

I also started stretching again because I realized that I have the flexibility of a mildly overweight 50 year-old lady (but she still looks good). I can’t start going to yoga again until I can touch my toes.

The Diamond Rings show was awesome if you were wondering. I’ll post some pics and James’ awesomely autographed vinyl.


I nearly un-friended an old co-worker on Facebook today simply because of their status update. It was a political statement excited for a Conservative majority. Although this person is kind and not “red necky”  it was enough to make me want to boot them. I’m not sure which is worse; conservatives that are so because of ignorance or bigotry, or the highly educated and articulate type….that still subscribe to harmful ideologies.

Maybe this just means I’m becoming more partisan and strong-headed as I age, but in some cases I believe politics and policy-making are not a matter of opinion and instead a matter of cold hard facts. Ideologies can be destructive and those that ignore science and the truth often do harm others, inadvertently or not.

I ended up just leaving this person on my list but it did make me wonder; although I cherish the idea that people should be tolerant of others views, when is it destructive to my own moral character to not say anything? Also, I wonder at which point is it right to stop associating with those who seek to oppress and look down on people like yourself.

Tonight’s the Diamond Rings/PS I Love You/Cannon Bros show and I’m pretty excited for it. I’d love to take some pictures for you guys but that camera has no chance of getting into my black skinny jeans. That’s just the price I have to pay.

I’m looking forward to some awkward dance moves like this:

Yes please


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