February 2011

Sure why not.


Mmm somebody put some sauce on that duck.

I’m cleaning the crack-den that has become my room. How do things always get this out of hand so fast? Anyways, procrastinator that I am I figured that I would sporadically sit down to work on a new post. I had a lot of posts pre-written for Danielle’s blog ranging from art show’s, to restaurant reviews, to funny anecdotes. Alas Danielle seems to have lost her will to blog, or temporarily at least. Instead I’ll just post some stuff about my day.

I woke up motivated today. Yay for not waking up with the suffocating velvet pillow of depression on your face! Anyways, because I was motivated I decided to go for a swim at Pan Am. I started my journey to fitness by chasing the bus for a block like a raving lunatic. I would have thrown if I had one. When I got off at my stop I was also confronted with a fucking desolate tundra I had to cross to get to the Pan Am entrance. Seriously, I felt like I needed a furry coat and one of those ice-pick walking stick things. Once I got into the water I did well enough, a sad showing for an ex-lifeguard but well enough. As I’m walking past a mirror in the change room I decided to check out my hot swimmer-ness. Oh…..sweet….Christ..I’m a monster. My face was white and totally washed up with bright red google circles on my forehead and my eyes were cherry red. I looked like something straight out of the X-Files. Damn it!

Tonight I’m going to the Royal Canoe show at Academy. They’re always lots of fun.

Laundry Cat must not be disturbed.

So I have to applaud the boldness of the elderly lady across the street. Not only does she not abide birds in her neighborhood, but she’s now created her very own non-parking zone. Here’s some pictures I snapped. Notice at first it appears legit but wait….are those hockey sticks?

I see what you did there…


Now shake your ass to some Wolf Parade. Or if you like such things here’s version from Q with Jian Gomeshi. Dan Boekner is a twitchy raw god.

Oh if  you’re still reading and want to know about sex all around the world, now you know.

Hey guys I need your help. I was sitting around thinking  too much tonight and realized I’m in the midst of a serious identity crisis. Hmmm quarter life crisis maybe? Whatever you choose to call it, I’m definitely having a crisis of some sort.

I’m not entirely certain of who I am anymore, or rather I’m not certain that I am anyone anymore. I seem to have lost a lot of the things that made me me over the last year. I never play guitar anymore and I’ve fallen off the map as far as keeping up with music…or really even listening to much music anymore. I don’t go out much anymore so when I do I don’t have much interesting to say anymore. Remember the embarrassing yet funny stories I would have on a weekly basis? I’m not funny at all, I don’t even know how to be anymore. We used to be so zany, spontaneous and raunchy….now I’m just boring and uptight. I have no one to talk about social and world events anymore because I don’t spend time with people that follow such things. I’ve just kind of become this nice, but insufferably uptight and boring person.

There’s a lot minor things that have changed that I’m proud of and don’t regret at all, but it seems like some of the most important things about who I was started to disappear at the same time. This bothers me because it effects my ability to make new friends, it effects the friendships already have, and it effects the dates that I go on. What do I have to bring to the table at a date now? A beard? Maybe some barely passable physical attractiveness?  I fear it’s just being a “nice guy”. I don’t want to be that boring anymore. So uh….help?

I going  to start finding who I am now. I’m going to get back into what’s going on with music so I’m going to start attending as many concerts and art shows as I can afford. Instead of being so self-conscious and uptight I need to be a spontaneous and well….a dork again. I like to think there was a time that I was funny, I’d like to try and be that again. I’m going to start trying new things every week, maybe I’ll blog about it, maybe not. Speaking of blogging I’m going to renew my commitment to contributing to Danielle’s  blog. Lastly and most importantly, I want to see you guys more, I want to try and see one of you at least once a month. I need the reminder of who I was.

Anyways, drama over.

I’m doing school work in the Fine Arts library solely to enjoy the hotness. I’m such an art slut.