January 2011

I have a lot to say but no will to say it lately. Here’s a song instead.



My life has taken an extremely unexpected turn for the better. I recently went on two dates, both of which were with incredible beautiful people.

a dark wizard. Just when my emotions hit an all time low this happens, then this, and now this. Now if only some wizened old magister, or Professor Xavier would come and teach me how to harness my awesome and dangerous powers.


But seriously, wtf? I’m starting to think Steve might be right about this whole end of the world thing…


I worked out today. Just a little one.

Distance: 2.63 miles.

Calories: 343 calories

Push-ups: 100

Sit-ups: 40

Weight: 171

Arm Status: 16 year old-esqe

I nearly killed myself running today. Unfortunately I still couldn’t run fast enough.

Distance: 4.89 miles

Calories: 672

Push-ups: 100

Sit-ups: 60

Weight: 171

Arm Status: 15 year old-esqe

Woke up in hell today. Not a lot to say. I did work out though here’s the break down.

Distance: 3.61 miles

Calories: 508 calories

Push-ups: 120

Sit-ups: 60

Weight: ?

Arm Status: 15 year old-esqe

Junk: Stupendous