December 2010

We’re all going to the You Say Party show tonight at the Albert tonight. Not exactly your traditional NYE party but what better way to bring in the new year than with one of Canada’s funnest live party bands. I’m pretty sure it’s hard to not have fun at a YSP show. My only concern is that they might be ear bleedingly loud again like they were Toronto. Here’s hoping I can hear tomorrow. Here’s a slower tune, I was running today when it came on and I really feel like I can relate to it right now.

Uh yeah weird video though….

Oh I had the best workout in nearly a year today! Here’s the break down!

Distance: 5.39 miles!

Calories: 740!

Push-ups: 130

Sit-ups: 70

Weight: ?

Arm Status: 15 year old-esqe

Junk: Fantasmal


I can’t sleep again tonight. I’m more than a touch lonely. Seven  more days.

I just had a crippling mouthgasm. This Panini is awesome! Black Forrest ham, grated cheddar, Bothwell Jalapeno Monterey Jack, and Grey Poupon on toasted golden Winnipeg Rye.


Written Dec. 28th on my way to Brandon.


I’m sitting on my bus waiting to leave for Brandon. I was hoping to make use of the airport’s wifi but no such luck. This post is being typed in real time but won’t be posted until later tonight when I have access to the internet. The bus is the fullest I’ve seen a Greyhound in my few years of riding. Strangely I’m one of the youngest people here. I’m looking out over a sea of grey and white old lady cuts. Uncomfortable would be an understatement, the lady in front of me has her seat all the way reclined which means my knees are half an inch deep in her seat just sitting here. Well they were anyways, to use my lap top I’ve had to turn sideways and tap away at it while it balances precariously on my left knee. I just noticed there’s also an inordinate amount of crazy on the bus.
First of all, my apologies for being so absent over the last few days. I’ve been really busy and there’s been no internet at my place for a few days now. Working out has gone to hell but I plan to start up again soon, I prefer to tell myself I’m just avoiding plateauing (invented that word). It’s muscle confusion, as in they’re confused as to why they’re not doing shit.
If the lady across from me talks about “the cool air” coming out of the vents one more time I’m going to mentally stab her face.
Anyways, as most of you know I’m back in Brandon from today until Monday. It’s not much but I’m still looking forward to it. Jamie, Danielle and I are going to the Decker tonight for drinks. If you’re a known associate of our feel free to come out.
Oh as of two days ago it’s been eight months. I never thought I’d make it past the first date let alone eight months.
Ok well I don’t have much else to discuss and I don’t have access to my normal bookmarks. Instead of the batch of warm links I normally finish with I’ll post a brief list of my favourite Winnipeg restaurants in no particular order.

– Fresh Café
– Star Grill
– Park Tower Family Restaurant
– Fude
– Underground Café
– Stellas
– Hermanos
– Meiji Sushi
– Kahn’s Mongolian Stirfry
– Johny G’s
– Dessert Sinsations/ Baked Expectations

Oh, hello there.

I’m back in Winnipeg so I can start posting again. I typed up one “lost” post last Thursday on my bus ride to Brandon but was unable to post it. My parents live in the Palelithic era with no wi-fi. Hmmm I just imagined what it would be like if we all walked around saying “we-fee” instead. Wait maybe Scots do. It’s sad that I may never know.

Pro-tip: Need to spend 2 minutes wasting your life? Is there a pet in your immediate surroundings? Pretend it speaks exclusively in Kelesey Grammer’s voice. Have two pets nearby? The other speaks in Patrick Stewart’s voice. They’re discussing literature and theatre.

I have a oral hygiene question for you guys, well a two-parter actually. How many of you brush your tongue? Of those of you that do tell me if I’m crazy. I bought the new Crest Vivid White tooth paste which is super whitening. The dilemma posed by this is I’m also afraid of it “bleaching” my tongue. To avoid this I brush once with my regular tooth paste including the tongue and then again with the Vivid White just on the teeth. Is this crazy? As a bonus my teeth are getting 4-6 brushings a day.



Read the text for confirmation.

WTF JAPAN?!?!?!?

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