November 2010

Things went awesome today! I feel like I’m finally getting back to the workout’s I was getting in the spring. Here’s how I did:

Distance: 3.6 miles

Calories: 508

Push-ups: 11o

Sit-ups: 90

Weight: 171

Arm Status: Jumbo Pipe Cleaners

Junk: Bewitching

I learned something new today. I can’t even get close to touching my toes. Kris, if you’re reading this we need to go to yoga on Friday.

Loved this song.


I’m nearly doing the “I have to pee dance” right now. Abby is in the shower and I suddenly have to go so bad. Why oh why did I drink so much water? Once I deal with this situation I plan to get on the treadmill and get my best workout yet. I’m determined to run further than 3.13 miles. My other goals are 110 push-ups and 90 sit-ups. I’ll let you know how it goes…


Worst workout ever. I was doing amazing for the first 15 mins, but then my music started constantly fucking up so I was spending more time off the tread mill dicking around with it then running. Then my shoe laces come untied twice, Kris calls me twice and interupts my run, and to top it off the tread mill resets and I have no idea how far I ran. Here’s my estimates:

Distance: No Idea, somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5.

Calories: ??? Dunno Maybe 400

Push-ups: 80

Sit-ups: 60

Weight: ?



Stole this song from Carly



I’m a bit crazy lately. I think this accuratly describes the inside of my head.

Oh wait I think it’s Kesha.

I’ m having a pretty quiet, vaguely melancholic night. The Wooden Sky fits nicely.

I am so  hung over.

It feels like my stomach is filled with sludge and gerbils. Why oh why have I not figured out that I can’t hold my booze anymore? I came home last night around 3:00 (as far as I know) and threw up in two distinct sessions. There’s three types of vomiting:

1) Polite: This is the sort that is quiet and no one is any the wiser when you’re done.

2) Controlled: This type is not quiet, you’re definitely making some trade mark heaving sounds. Things are still pretty much under       control though and you’ll have a good laugh with your friends some time about it.

3) The Exorcism: This is the type where you become less of a human being and more of a mindless vomit-demon. You disengage from reality and become wholly consumed with spewing, writhing, yelling, crying, trying not to poop yourself, etc. It’s similar to being Regan from The Exorcist except you’re hate-fucking the toilet a little. The neighbors have dialed 9-1 and have their finger hovering over the one button.

It was a 3 night.

Ok, well now that I’m done sharing I’m going to make some Stroganoff.


So remember how all week I’ve been bitching about having no motivation? Motivation found! I went to get my hair cut this afternoon and guess what? Apparently some people are blind and high enough to think I could qualify as a model in a hair show. Regardless it was a major boost for my seriously faltering self-esteem. My hair dresser James and the owner apparently want to use me of all people, and get this James apparently says my hair is perfect. WTF, I hate my hair. I guess this means I’ll be getting a  free awesome hair cut and color at the end of January. Back to the treadmill for me until then.

Oh here’s a pic from Carly took at Kris’ show.

I think that guy’s gay…

This couldn’t have come at a better time.

Some of you may have noticed that there was no workout post for yesterday. First of all, you’re judgmental bitches; damn it you know I’m sensitive! Second, yes this means there was no workout.  I just didn’t have time before work to get it done. So this has pushed yoga back to the weekend, but I do intend on continuing my quest to not be a fat ass. I’m about to get on the treadmill, see you in a bit.

Lots of incline today.

Distance: 2.97 miles

Calories: 420

Push-ups: 100

Sit-ups: 90

Weight: ?

Arm Status: Jumbo Pipe Cleaners

Junk: Enthralling


Finish to this.

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