October 2010

I’ve started working out again. Don’t tell Kristian.

I feel like getting physical

I’m going out with Carly tonight but I have no idea what we’re doing. For some reason I can’t find anything, how is that possible on halloween weekend? There’s a Stars afterparty at The lo but I don’t know if I want to pay 5 bucks to see Torquil Campbell acting as party dj.


Kristian once started one of these when they ran out of Junior McChickens.













Venn Diagrams composed of top google terms. Interesting…

Winnipeg voted against progressive thought tonight.

Looking for a good read during the spooky season? Try out Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Not only is it a historic piece of literature, but it’s just plain entertaining as shit. It transcends the current cheesiness of the popular culture vampire and  is written in a really cool style comprised of a series of diary entries by several of the main characters. It’s short length means you could finish it off in a couple of solid afternoons as well. It can be found in every library, and bought at most bookstores for like….five bucks.

No glitter shit or millennia long animosity with werewolves here.

In more terrifying news, tonight is Winnipeg’s Civic election. I’m a die hard Judy supporter because her ideas are backed up by well…..reason….and facts…from studies. It’s a super close race right now so every vote counts. Winnipeg has already doubled it’s advance poll voting from the previous record. The weather is terrible out which I’m hoping will keep old suburbanites at home watching their Tivo’s; unfortunately I fear it’ll also keep Winnipeg’s students and working class at home as well. Please, please, please Winnipeg don’t let apathy and laziness win!


Oh and also….GO JUDY!

I’m half way through my first all-nighter of the year. When will I learn not to punish myself this way? Of all things to be studying it also just had to be Freudian Theory….Barf. Kill me now. At least the Jungian parts are romantic….if not supported by any sort of facts.


I opened the window because Carmen wanted to see out. It smells like winter.

Before I clean the apartment and cuddle with the cat over some Boardwalk Empire I figured I’d post some links.


First up, this video is creepy even for my skeptic heart. I still believe there’s a logical explanation but…


Mwahahahahaha. Gordon Pinset reads Justin Bieber.

Shit is going to get real on the playground this winter.


Male model fired for eating croissant….





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