September 2010



Mornings suck. This will always be true for me. When the rest of you become 6:00 am-waking-seniors I think I’ll simply die.

I have no idea how to vouge

In more exciting news…I FOUND MY LOST ID! Well actually K found it in his apartment when he was cleaning. Thank fuck. Now I just need to spend another 3 hours on the automated service the credit bureau has to try and get the alert off my account. Worst system I’ve ever enountered.

Say hello to The Sweaters

I’ll be back with more later. Oh wait lets look at all the things going wrong with this picture.

The eyes, the lips, and what the hell is up with my mangled discolored hand?

Last night was terrific! Thank you everyone for coming! Trista and Danielle were fantastic.

Oh completely unrelated, but this is fucking beautiful:

This has been an exceedingly shitty week. I’m hoping tomorrow will be better.

Oh and also THIS will probably force me to finally buy a PS3/360.

I’m sitting in the loud part of the Dafoe library looking like shit. After reading my Neuroscience text for a measly 2 hours I’m already completely spent. Apparently without the imminent threat of an exam I’m completely incapable of committing to reading anything of substance; I even seem to be skimming the student newspaper in front of me. So break time it is!

Ok that’s better. If I were a psychiatrist I would prescribe that treatment once a day for just about everyone. Those with cynophobia excluded of course.

Anyways so what’s new you ask (you didn’t ask!)? Well I’m going to ARCADE FIRE tomorrow night. You know, just one of the hugest bands in the world right now. This is going to be epic, especially because I had already basically given up hope of going. No moreĀ  private moments weeping into my hands! What else is coming up? BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE in two weeks, no biggie. Also mark your calendars for September 25th because Abby is hosting the “Happy Birthday Mark Hamil (and you too Carl)!” social. Cake, food, drinks, and Star Wars discussion. Can you afford to miss this?


A Chinese guy is picking the shit out of his nose in front of me. He picks, rolls, and then smells with the look of a discerning aficionado. I’m truly inspired.

Anyways enough of the boring stuff enjoy some links!


Lets not forget “Sailor Moon” is not gender specific.

Dating has come so far since the 80’s…

Sure why not, I would have too. Magic Swordcraft.

Surprise Surprise Ok Go have a new viral video:

My bowels are probably looking up at me with a cunty unimpressed look right now. Here’s what I’ve eaten (all I’ve eaten) in the last two days:


-Indian…burning hot Indian.


-Ham and Eggs

-Sri Lankan

– 1 lb of fudge. Half Baily’s and half chocolate peanut butter.

-3 Cheese pizza with extra mozza

-More fudge.

My toilet hates me.

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