…and that’s how the mBerries I’ve been sitting on for two months left me feeling. I’m not sure if it was because they were stored way over the suggested 20 degrees celcius, or if it had something to do with them being dangerously close to being expired; but they just didn’t work properly. Yes they did change things a bit, things tasted sweeter and Bud Lime tasted awful. The change was nowhere near as drastic as it should have been though. Vinegar tasted like vinegar, and lemons still tasted sour. Boo. If only this blog received heavy traffic, then I’d have a fresh batch on it’s way along with several scantly clad mberry employees.

Think this but with berries

On the bright side; Danielle, Trista and I went to Tandoori Hut yesterday and had some pretty decent Indian food. Butter chicken, samosa, naan, and rice for $10.99? Yes please! There was also extra entertainment value provided by three wasps that descended on us and chased us from the table.***Breaking Bullshit News*** The pizza I ordered from Pizza Hotline just arrived. I ordered “well done” which means extra cooked. Instead it’s under cooked to the point I can barely lift the slices. Are they fucking with me on purpose? Ok no more talking about food.

Because I haven’t made my life sound sad enough yet here’s another tid bit. I’ve started playing Pokemon Diamond. Yes….Pokemon. Speaking of, look at this insanity. $10 says it’s in Japan where apparently not-batshit crazy is a recessive gene.

Captioning a caption seems moot

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a picture to breathe love and hope back into your jaded hearts.

Parents of the year