May 2010

I say we allow BP to continue to exist with the condition that they turn over every profit they make for the next 10 years.


New Broken Social Scene movie on the way? Well kind of.

Shit just got real outside.

Hmmm quick etiquette question, should I be sacrificing a first born to Zeus or Poseidon?

I might just do this instead

Anyways, because the weather is wetter than Kirstie Alley at a cupcake eating contest our plans have been somewhat changed for the night. I’ve decided that Abby, Kristian, and I will be having the ultimate movie night instead tonight. Here’s the plan


-Popcorn, Chips, and Rice Chips.

-Jumbo pack of Smarties.

-The Empire Strikes Back + Bad Zombie Flic

-Copious amounts of blankets and pillows.

I was going to get some ice cream too but I thought to myself “No one likes a try hard”. I figure while gorging our selves on comfort food we could also make up drinking for both movies to keep things interesting.

Stay in, stay dry, and dance like an idiot with someone you care about to this:

On a more serious note, things are getting ugly in the city’s West End. With the balance of power upset by the arrest of most the members of a prominent street gang; gang on gang violence is getting insane. Thank god I live where I live.


Chuck Norris has been alerted

First lets address the obvious, my posting has become lax. For this you have my apologies. I’ve been quite busy being happy and shit frolicking aimlessly around the city. Here’s some updates. I learned how to play pool (kind of), I have to thank Steve for the previous attempt which allowed me to look like a fast learner. In reality I am learning disabled when it comes to anything involving , walking, running, jumping, balancing, swinging, or moving.

The man has the beats that makes the ladies go wild

This afternoon I finally went on a somewhat proper tour of the exchange district. This pleased me greatly because it’s been on my to-do list for awhile now. I can see why the place is designated a Canadian heritage site, the architecture and atmosphere is pretty neat.¬†

Oh hell no

I forgot to mention it but last Thursday I also had a pretty awesome night. I was intimidated at first because who wants to go out on the town with a male model (no seriously that’s his job), and Kristian’s beautiful sister. Basically I looked like I should be swinging from a bell tower somewhere or living under a bridge. This situation was made worse by the fact that I had just gotten back from walking around the Forks all day in the sweltering heat in jeans. I was all sweaty when we met up because of course I was. But to the awesomeness part now. We had fucking great (not just great) desserts and beer at a place on Academy before hitting Grant’s incredible high rise apartment downtown. I shit you not it had the biggest balcony I have ever witnessed. It was the size of Steve’s living room. So we enjoyed the awesome weather with some beers and music. Not just any music though, FLEET FOXES and WILCO. WIN. So as we’re enjoying the view from 17 stories up in downtown Winnipeg the Goldeyes win their game across from us and a fireworks show starts. AN AWESOME ONE. We were expecting maybe six fireworks but instead they pulled out all the stops for about 15 minutes. Epic win on our part. Kristian and I stumbled our asses home and finished the night with a large four cheese pizza to ourselves. Life was good.

There is no appropriate comment for this

Rumor has it some of you people are coming in this weekend. Make this happen. I would like to try and do something interesting for a change though instead of the standard drinks here, toad, sleep, go home. Not that I’m complaining but if you guys are making the trip we should at least make it interesting.

What the holy hell? It’s official, I hate teenagers and I hate Twilight. “Gangs are poseurs, they’re just looking for attention”

This makes 6 different kinds of sense, if you’re 5 different kinds of nuts

How is everyone in B-town? Apparently Trista may be coming to visit, if this is true we’ll have to do something interesting for a change. M Berry flavour trip, patio hoping, exchange district, and Grand Beach? Let me know.

This week has been fucking beautiful. I think I’ll go sun tanning at the Legislature tomorrow. Today’s been good, applied for 3 more jobs; don’t ask it stresses me out. I also finally worked¬† up the motivation to go for a swim at Pan Am. I like swimming there but the lane length is 50 metres but I’m used to 25, plus I haven’t swam in a year. Wow it kicked my ass and I was kind of embarrassed. I still managed to do about 1.5 Km though which I guess isn’t terrible. The swimming is probably a good idea considering Kristian and I ordered a 4 cheese pizza and ate it to ourselves two nights ago. It was fucking delicious; assiago, chedder, mozzarella, and feta = mouthgasm. Interesting fact! Did you know spell check doesn’t recognize assiago? How is that possible?

Right now I’m making some chicken breasts and pasta, and chilling to BSS’s new album. Good times. Fort Rouge/Osborne is beautiful right now; there’ s full elm tree canopy coverage over most of the streets. I think Kristian and I might go and explore the area for a few hours.

Danielle, you’ve been placed on notice.

Oh yeah I rediscovered Starsailor today, good times. Check them out. Silence is Easy is catchy Brit pop, and Four to the Floor Remix will make your bum shake.

And now another installment of my on going series on creepy Japan. Stop it Japan, just stop it.

…. please?


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