April 2010

Rainy day heart swell. Inhale, exhale freshness. Smells like dirt and tree’s and hair.


I’m cleaning the kitchen listening to a collection of MSTRKFT remixes which I seem to enjoy more than their actual albums, although “Heartbreaker” is a catchy single. I’ll probably turn this into a relaxed sober night which is exactly what I need considering I’ve drank for like 4 of the past 7 days. I forgot to mention Abby bought us a new composter, so we’re the happy parents of like 60 worms right now. Worms make the best pets. So now my weight-loss is almost getting to be too much, I need to hit the gym or something because I’ve lost most of the fat I wanted to, and now I’m just scrawny. Steve has like 25 lbs on me now or something like that. Strangely I haven’t had much of an appetite lately, it’s not like I’m anorexic or anything, but I just don’t eat anywhere near as much as I used to. Of course just from the sheer amount of beer and wine I’ve drank over the week that’s probably been my meal replacement.


I just spent ten minutes trying to open a force flex garbage bag. It won. Seriously there’s no opened side on this thing.


Oh wait got it.


FML. It doesn’t fit the can.

This is incredible. One question, why do gymnasts always look pre-pubescent?

No one’s home. Walking around the house only wearing a pair of black boxer briefs, listening to Bo Diddley. I feel like a scrawny sexy man lol.

Now you listen.

Didn’t end up going to the concert last night but still had lots of fun. Hit the town a bit with Kristian, Abby, and Dean; Le Grarage for app’s, the toad for drinks where I narrowly avoided making an ass of myself playing pool. We ended up drinking and listening to music at our place.

Also bumped into Kristy one of my best friends from my Riverview days, I used to walk to school with her every day. I guess she lives right around Osborne too, but is moving to Vancouver soon.

Not sure what my plans are for tonight, maybe a movie maybe the lo Pub.

Excited to be going to the Plants and Animals/Said the Whale concert tomorrow. Should be a good time and both bands seem pretty good. I’ll post some more entertaining links tomorrow for you guys.

Oh yeah this is also a chance for me to maybe rebound from my catastrophuck on Monday.

I’ll post how the concert and other things go after.

I made Kung Pao tonight the lazy way by using a prepackaged sauce. It was somehow both spicy and bland at the same time. I won’t make this mistake again, home made is the way to go.


That could have gone better. Most awkward first kiss to ever happen? Yes. The night ended up recovering ok, but still. To top it off, my date ended up thinking I wasn’t interested or that it was their fault or something. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Things were going perfect too. Damn it. This was not in the plan!

On the bright side apparently all it takes is a skinny blond to get me to try just about anything. I ate sushi, which included shrimp as well….

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