March 2010

I just walked down to Corydon partly out of boredom, and partly to scope out the Portuguese place. The side walks are packed with people walking around enjoying the weather. Plus all the patio’s are now open and filled with people enjoying meals and drinking. Jealous right now. I wish the weather was going to be nicer tomorrow so we could hit up one of the patio’s.

I also decided I have to try Tandoori Hut sometime soon, they have butter chicken on special tonight :(. Plus a rooftop patio.
PS I hate the new youtube already


Advertising needs to be called out when it’s full of shit.

I’ll be the first to admit that I use hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes from time to time. I would also argue that I only use them when it’s clearly practical ie: Cold and Flu contact, cleaning bathroom, etc. I follow enough of the science to know why these products ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT wise to use on a regular basis, they are also arguably not even moral to use constantly. Good work CPS for calling bullshit on Lysol for trying to use your organization without permission and further more for pointing out the misrepresentation of facts that disinfectant companies are engaging in.

I just spilled a whole big glass of water on my beautiful beautiful bed! Oh and it’s everywhere and seeping in! The memory foam is retaining it. Oh no!

It’s true, I’m not dead.

I was sick for a good chunk of last week, which basically made me tired and lazy. Sorry to my readers, all 4 of you. I know this place was finally starting to be more active. To make amends I’ll do a blog everyday for the next little bit because I built up some material over the last week. I did go for an exploratory walk of a good chunk of south central Winnipeg though. I found both Neil Young’s  homes, which included the one of Bob Dylan fame. On top of that I checked out his old school which is a few blocks down my street, it’s a fucking beautiful school.

Why did we all go to shitty modernist schools?

I’d like to share something that I typed into my phone while taking the greyhound to Brandon. “Greyhound cares about our customer’s comfort. That’s why we carpet the ceilings.” Really it’s only the best for us.

Right now I’m watching Kitchen Nightmares online on Global, I forgot how much I love this show. I’m watching an episode about a crazy ass italian chick. It’s great because her food is ass, and when she’s not being a mega bitch she’s crying like a teenager.

I have what must be the closest facsimile to a beard I’ve ever had. This is mostly due to the laziness I was referring to earlier. As I told Abby I’m kinda holding out until I have a reason to shave right now. I think it’ll be for when I go to my hair appointment. Does anyone else do that? Like make sure they look good, or at least decent, before the hair app? Like you don’t want them to realize the extent that you actually need this, or like they’re going to judge you or something? I don’t know, I’m neurotic. Speaking of, Abby cut her hair short and it became a joke because not only am I going to her stylist to get mine done, but I want essentially the same cut.

My Winnipeg

I watched Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg last week. It’s strange and surreal but I really enjoyed it. So interesting to watch, plus full of strange history and facts about Winnipeg. The first bit is a little repetitive but keep going! You should rent it, or watch it online….on one of those sites. Oh I’m also really enjoying the CBC documentary series Love, Hate, and Propaganda. It’s about propaganda and day to day life during WWII. You can watch it for free on their site. OH if you wanna know one of the  crazy things I learned from My Winnipeg, look up “If Day” on Wikipedia.

A taste…

Winnipeg’s Golden Boy Paegent…

And now the daily links….well ok they’re not as fresh as usual. But still awesome.

Only gamers and Assasins Creed fans will get this one

This just makes me like Johnny Depp more

This is basically downtown Winnipeg.

Finally I’ve been exploring some new music this week some finds.


Is it just me or does Justin Bieber look like the lesbian Dani from the A Shot At Love? Tween girls, you’re officially gay.

Real post tomorrow. I PROMISE

Up bright and early today; not exactly bushy tailed by any means though. I got about 3 and a half hours of sleep last night, thank God for coffee. As soon as I’m done this blog I’m going to set off down to the village to pick up some stuff to make a good homemade breakfast. Whenever I’m totally sleep deprived and stressed I tend to make extravagant breakfasts. I’ll take some pictures along the way if I see anything interesting. I’m listening to the Weakerthans, who I’ve recently rediscovered since moving to the city. Once I get get done with breakfast I need to work on a project that’s due for tomorrow for at least 12 hours.

I’m in a really weird place right now, neither Brandon nor Winnipeg quite feels like home. I love things about both cities, and they both have their own charms. Both have this fucked up unique vibe, mixed with good feelings, but in different ways. Maybe Manitoba in general has that feel. I’m realizing that the cliche’s are all true. There’s no way to go back home, despite what a million country songs would have you believe. There’s no truck waiting to hit country roads for me. It makes me both sad and happy to be moving on, but I can’t help miss parts of my old life. I’ll honestly miss so many of the children, families, and seniors I got to know at the pool. Some I watched grow up, and others watched me. I already miss Brandon’s parks, and Rosser Avenue. I miss my friends, and being here makes me realize just how unique what we have really is.

Anyways enough sappyness. Enjoy this video which is of a similar mood. It’s a music video/mini doc by Winnipeg greats The Weakerthans. Like most Weakerthans songs it’s about Winnipeg, half love song, half lament. It’s about the dying North End; once a vibrant community of immigrants such as Pole’s and Ukrainians, now quite different. The Polish man at the end is quite striking, as bad as it get’s it’s his home, he doesn’t know how to live anywhere else; not Fort Rouge (my neighborhood), nor Poland.

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