I’m currently sitting, not enjoying my scorched coffee this morning. I need a new coffee brewer pronto, because this is awful. I also had another pleasant discovery this morning; I’m planning on going out on a pseudo date tonight and of course, surprise! Giant swollen blemish. Yes I did say blemish, that’s how self conscious I am about it. Oh yeah I’m listening to The Wooden Sky, keep your eyes on these guys, they’re going places. Bonus trivia, the singer is from Morden, MB.

In better news, I went for a kick ass 55 minute run yesterday. I’ve discovered that the first 3 miles/350 calories always sucks, but after that it gets way better. I’m sore today because of it, but nothing some Tylenol can’t take care of. Apparently Patti might be coming in next week, although it’s probably a really busy week for me, that’s still somewhat exciting. Hopefully I don’t get let down though, I’ve been told this before!

That’s what she said

Ok well lets get to some of my favorite finds of the week online:

Apparently the French have a penchant for sexual PSA’s. Similar to the anti-aids ones I posted awhile back.

First of all, THANK FUCKING GOD. Hummers will shortly be off the roads, this is probably quite disturbing to douche bags and  micro-penis’d men all over North America. I would say the world, but the Hummer seems to be a brand of excess and dickfacery mostly unique to us North American’s.

Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis is hilarious and awkward. Interviewing Michael Cera, interviewing John Hamm,

Tom Brokaw of NBC educates American’s on Canada, and makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Class act Tom.

Speaking of class acts, Billie Holiday you’re quite the lady. No over done theatrics, just talent. Pretty sure this is what you listen to during a reflective moment in a film. Or wow, slavery song

Lastly, just an awesome song off one of Canada’s best albums of ’09. It’s about the Frank Slide disaster in Frank, Alberta. Over-mining caused a huge rockslide that buried a lot of the town and people in it. They still haven’t dug up most the bodies.