January 2010

So I’m walking out of the Safeway in Osborne with my delicious groceries in hand. As I get to the parking lot my personal space alarms begin to go off. You know how I am about my personal space. Anyways, so I’m getting warnings indicating someone has infiltrated the rear border of my comfort-zone. A dude is approaching fast, so I use my periph’s  to  ascertain if he’s about to beat me down.  He’s still coming in fast maybe 2 feet behind me (way to close) so I make a tactical veer to the right changing my direction by a few degrees figuring this will let me know if he’s actually “walking me down”. STILL THERE! I’m on red alert and preparing battle stations, commander Wharf increase shields. He gets within about a foot of me and, get this, says (in a low growl-y voice) “YEAAAAAAH”.



After thoroughly freaking me the fuck out he keeps walking past like nothing just happened and enters Starbucks……….Actually NOOOOOOOOO buddy. No.


Wow. I love Abby’s treadmill…..well until I wake up unable to move tomorrow morning. I went for what must have been around an hour and 40 min. run. I was totally loving it. I also rediscovered how great Death From Above 1979’s remix album “Romance Bloody Romance” is. Wow. Even though they remix the same songs too many times it’s awesome to run to. I followed this with a spattering of Holy Fuck, BSS, and Dreamboats. I was enjoying the music after my first 30 mins so much I ended up running for another hour.

Here’s the gross part. I was literally soaking wet from head to…hmmm…ankle with sweat. Abby said it looked like I fell in a pool. Sexxxxxxy.

It needed to be posted.

PS How’s everyone enjoying living in a pseudo-democracy? Taxation without representation and all that.

Right now I’m bobbing along to Parlour Steps, taking a break from washing the dishes. I’m finally getting my gym pass this week. Thank God, it’s getting pretty necessary. I also went out and bought all health groceries. Having money makes this much easier. I’m pumped about having some good food. Tonight I’m making vegetarian chili and pre-making a bunch of chicken and vegetable wraps so I can just grab my food out of the fridge and warm it up.

PS What’s up with people sleeping on buses? Are you fucking narcoleptic? Crazy? Just incredibly weak willed? What’s the deal? It’s a bad idea for you, and it makes people around you uncomfortable, quit it.

American’s a fucking prudes.

Want to get your groove on while getting ready? Enjoy the sexy electro-pop sounds of Dreamboats

Part of my (not as dancy) current playlist. Check ‘er out!

PS Dan Savage was funny and great

Dan Savage tomorrow. Prepared to laugh and learn.

For the uninitiated Dan Savage is a funny and blunt advice columnist, mostly centered around sex and relationships. Abby introduced me and now every Tuesday his podcast gets me through my bus trip.

Here’s his podcast

and here’s his blog

Went to school in a blizzard today. I’m hardcore that way. It’s was pretty awful out for most of the night previous and this morning. The best was how the bus nearly got stuck twice. Nothing is funnier than being in a bus that is giving ‘er shit to try and get out of a snow bank.

I ordered a new laptop online last week. I’m getting antsy waiting for it to arrive. I want it now. It’s nothing incredible, but it’s also fairly decent, mostly because there’s some serious competetion in the laptop market right now. It’s kinda greedy, but I still want to get a desktop this spring.

Lastly, I’vce decided I really want to see The Dead Weather live. They seem so much better in that format. As proof check out these two vids, they’re both dvd quality and fucking pure rock and roll.

This is the kind of shit that gets my friend Steven randy..

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