December 2009

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and I just realized we’re also bringing in the first new decade of the millennium. Kinda cool. We now live in the 20-10’s. Some day we will be old and tell stories like: “Why I remember way back in 2013, we had  “cell-phones”, and we only had 3 g networks, not these god damned snarfunkel-alternators. Let me tell you we were damn happy to have them. Not like the young punks these days.”

Talking Wise Kitty Break Just For You Trista

But now to the point of this post! “Indeed good sir!” Quite assuredly! “Well I’m glad we are in agreeance in this. “God save the Queen, long live the Empire and all that!”


(Trista you may want to watch the kitty video instead, or watch this face melting cuteness)

Ok so first some explanations. Firstly, not everyone could make the list, therefore picks were based both on artistic merit and on play frequency on my computer. Secondly, this list is not in any sort of order, ordering lists is silly, consider this a basket of apples and oranges. Thirdly, this list contains albums not technically from ’09, but rather ’09 is the year the album broke through or came to my attention. You can check out most of these bands and so much more on my playlist!



Ok this is only partially true because I have many “favorite” songs, but this is definatly one of them. I know I posted this before but I just had to again. So I guess if you don’t have the time skip over it but…

First of all here’s the song. It’s called “ All It’s Gonna Break” and it’s by Broken Social Scene. I’m not sure who the guy sin the picture are… But anyways yes the song is over 9 minutes, and yes it’s lyrics are cryptic but here’s why I care and it’s worth it. Here’s the lyrics, which don’t mean as much out of context of the music.

At first glance it’s about what? Living in the woods, eating shit, getting “fucked in the ass” “fucking ghosts”, and something breaking. That sounds fucking weird and seems to make no sense. On further investigation though it actually is about something powerful and it’s beautiful. It’s about life being full of bad things, bad experiences, it’s suffering sometimes, not getting your way and embracing that. Life is broken, “it’s all gonna break”, he’s commenting on it’s imperfection, but also on it’s impermanence. It’s about learning to love life; to realize these things and move on. To revel in all of life experiences, to be invincible. To love the bad experiences too. It’s about how we’re all “living in the woods” hiding from something. “And you all want the lovely music to save you from your lives. Keep it coming there is no lie to save your life“. We’re hiding from ourselves, looking for lies. We only want to hear and see happy/pretty things. It’s about being in love. The reason the song has all the triumphant horns and epic ending is because it’s about truth and liberation, it’s about being free. It’s loving your life, loving someone else, and loving the dirty fucked up real world we live in.

Who would have thought eh? This is why music can mean so much to some people, because it can say so much. It can communicate life changing ideas, and just because it might not always be written out in black and white that doesn’t mean it’s nothing. In most cases it’s saying even more. Or better yet letting you think for yourself.

July 23, 2007. Steve is basically the same guy

A list of things that give Steve a major hard-on:

Dry wall screws. He once talked to me about dry wall screws for basically an entire day, he’d work it into every problem we were having. “Hey you know what you should try? Dry wall screws”.

Conspiracy theories/Alien documentaries. I wish I was exaggerating. Steve is secretly a short way from wearing a tinfoil cap.

Himself. I’m pretty sure Steve has gotten a bone over himself in the mirror at least once.

Girls who have a pony tail and look like they just returned from the gym. Katie only of course.

Hershey’s chocolate. In my opinion possibly the worst commercially available chocolate you can buy, but to him it’s like a mouth orgasm.

Cornbread. It’s bread, made out of corn. He feels about it just as strongly as he does Hershey’s.

National Geographic/TLC/The Discovery Network. Ok, I’d make fun of him but I watch that shit a ton too. On second thought, they ARE great. Good work Steve.

Paralyzers . Vodka + Kahlua + Milk. He could drink a gallon of this shit and he’s completely shameless about it. I guess that’s kinda cool in a way.

Blue Orchid by The White Stripes. Steve will put a stop to everything going on in a room to blare this and sing falsetto to it. Seriously, we need to send him to the middle east with a stereo.

His facial hair. He loves it.

From November 30th, 2008. I think it’s clear I disliked Kali from the start. Here was my comment on her.

17 year-old straw haired cock monster is chilling on my couch, cool. Yeah sure just use my bathroom while I’m trying to get ready, that’s cool. Enjoy the fishsticks.

From January 10th, 2008. I believe it was my first solo stir-fry experience.

I made Sweet and Sour Chicken/Asian Stir-fry today on a bed of white rice. I listened to the entirety of Broken Social Scene’s self titled album while doing so. It turned out rather well. Now I need to do the dishes. Stickiness is never fun to clean up, ask your mom. I had a 5 year old kid say the funniest thing in class today. I was like “Wow good job ______!” then she was said “I KNOW! I MADE THAT LOOK EASY!” Holy ego, you’re 5 and you own the world. Anyways, thought you should know.

PS Red Peppers are now my sexy mistress, they’re not my girlfriend but we go out when she’s out of town, or sometimes late at night and have secret hot dates and the sex is better too.

Yeah that makes sense….

In my opinion little boys have every right to rock the long hair. It’s  one of the only times in their life they can get away with it.

Nothing tastes as good…

As skinny feels….

I think I’m getting old because I’m a total Dan Mangan fan boy. I just checked out his website where you can basically stream all his albums. I want them all! Plus i found out Mark sings an entire song on his album! I also found what is possibly the best meld of poetry and music ever in this song called Tragic Turn of Events/Move Pen Move. It feature’s a poet reading his poem Move Pen Move and it’s heart crushingly beautiful. Here it is so you can get all emotional.

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