November 2009

Thanksgiving tonight. Lots of people. Lots of food. I’ll post pictures later.



Going to see Winter Gloves at the lo pub tomorrow. I’m pretty excited, because they put out one of my favorite Canadian albums of 2009.

other than that check them out on myspace or cbc 3, you’re smart. They’ve been on my CBC lists consistently since ’08

oh and as an extra cool bonus, Royal Canoe is opening. Made up partly of Waking Eyes members, they could be Winnipegs biggest band of the new year.

Going out to buy a few new things, I promise no more vests. I can’t guarantee no more plaid but I’m going to do my best. I met someone that has a masters degree in flavours and scents. It actually seems really cool, he’s the chemist that would work for a perfume company or design ice cream flavours and such. How sweet would that be working a cushy job in an ice cream company?

First stir-fry in the new house. It was good.

Earlier this week we sent out to Carlos & Murphy’s for Abby’s birthday. It was good although I’m pretty sure we all ordered the heart attack special of Beef Chimichangas with beans and rice. I paid for this the next day because all I ate all that day was Raisin Bran and Mexican. Seriously nearly shat myself.

Saw Katie yesterday, that was nice. Although we should have forewarned her against getting the whole meal at Baked Expectations and then trying to order the dessert. Usually the dessert IS a meal.

*Oh yeah I’d like to let you know that disappointingly The Daily Sean is not written in part by Sean. It’s Abby’s blog now, I still enjoy reading it but she could have used the input.

How is everyone else doing?


Oh yeah Oprah’s ending her run

There’s a clear correlation between being a bigot and being a stupid bitch. Here’s an example:



I love how when she hears the gay guy she’s like: “we’re done”

Were one of the best live shows I’ve seen in years.


The Novaks are incredble live, it’s too bad it doesn’t transfer the same to disc. Easily one the best nights of guitar I’ve seen. Pure rock and roll.


Arkells are probably one of the best examples of everything going right in Canadian pop music, and by pop music I mean the traditional definition, as in strong melodies, hooks, and catchy chords.


All in all a great night.


Next concerts are You Say Party! We Say Die! and Winter Gloves. High expectations abound.



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