October 2009

About a song that has become somewhat famous of late, and much talked about. As you may or may not know The Weakerthans scored a moderate hit with a song called “One Great City (I Hate Winnipeg)”.

So I’ve been noticing there’s two common reactions to this song. A) “WTF is their problem, assholes. or B) I DO fucking hate Winnipeg.

Uh hate to break it to these people, but this song IS NOT LITERAL. Now I’m not trying to come off as some Winnipeger myself, I think I hardly qualify yet. But lets examine some stuff here. 1) The Weakerthans may be the quintesential “Winnipeg” band. They’re from here and make no bones about it, they’re usually one ofthe names that comes up when you mention Winnipeg. 2) Winnipeger’s (like Brandonites) enjoy taking the piss out of their city. What do we enjoy more than pointing out it’s flaws, complaining, and “bragging” about our crime rate, etc.

The song is actually exactly that, even though he’s singing about what he hates about Winnipeg it’s a song about his complicated love for his home. I Hate Winnipeg is a fond mantra. It reflects the sense of humor that I think is shared by all people from places like Winnipeg and Brandon. Too bad there’s people that have never even been to Winnipeg that don’t even get it.

Anyways check it out, and if you hear someone being a fucking idiot corect them. Toobad the guy who made the youtube video felt the need to use pictures of Tornoto….I assume he didn’t get it either lol.


It came to me.


Also only one person answered my last hypothetical question, to which I’m greatly disappointed. Thank you to Danielle for stating her opinion that Polar Beats Big Foot Unless Big Foot has a weapon. Here’s another Beaver vs Large Shitz-Sue.

A list of the main student food groups:

-The Canned Group

-The InstaNoodle Group


– The Coffee Group

– The Sandwhich Group

– The Boxed Group


-The Grease, Meat, and Cheese Group

Are you getting enough? If not you might not be a real student.


Dan Mangan, and Will Currie and the Country French toinght at Lo Pub. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m sure he’s quite the little ladies man…

Sunday night. So much studying to do. Damn you sociology. I’m also in a insanely bad sleep schedule right now. Crap.

August 2009 2277

Last night I went for a walk around the local streets on my way¬† to Music Trader to pick up my Dan Mangan tickets. There’s so many cool houses in this area, I wish I could own one of them. Maybe someday. Moral of this story is I like houses built between 1890 and 1920. Good stuff.

August 2009 2276

And yeah I’m going to Dan Mangan on Wednesday. Pretty pumped. It’s at the Lo Pub which I really like so far. Dan’s music career seems to be really sky rocketing, top of CBC radio’s chart, several magazine covers including our local Uptown, Danielle playing tambourine for him. Things are looking good. Jamie and I are also going to see The Arkells and The Novaks in November. Sweet.

August 2009 2280

It’s pretty hard to read what this sign says but it’s a guys house in my neighborhood that has a blue neon sign in his window. It says “Homo” with a halo above it. Funny.

You know that shit would be sweet.

Here’s a quick update: Currently drowning in work but one exam down, going to see Dan Mangan and Will Currie and the Country French in three day, lost my BU coffee mug in one of the Ibister theatre’s today.


To waste some more time here’s some of my currentfavorite distractions:

Shit My Dad Says ( I hate twitter but this guys dad is great)

The Daily Otter

MY FAVORITE FUNNY AND HELPFUL SEX PODCAST. (To download right click and save link)

And not really that big of a deal but I love getting my weather from The Fucking Weather

Apparently right now it’s “……..Alright” “listen weather we need to talk”

Oh and if you still have more time to waste, Sad Kermit’s songs.

Needle in the Hay, by Elliot Smith. Mirror scenes are spoof from the Royal Tenenbaums suicide scene with Luke Wilson, the song appears in the real scene.

Kermit’s Version of Nine Inche Nails “Hurt”

Trista and Danielle leave me such nice comments that I play nice songs about honey and beehives.

Songs about Paradise too.

Shamless Osborne hipsterism


I love dogs, but I’m going to kick my neighbors beagle in the jaw.

Oh, Ham, Salami, and Pepperoni Panni with spicy mustard and melted cheesse, and a hearty vegtable soup for supper.

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