September 2009

New header image. Exciting I know.

In other news, I’m swamped by studying, and assignments right now. One down tonight, an assignment on the association between perceived stress, depressive symptoms, and perceived burdens in students. Interesting, but the study I was reviewing had so many variables and statistical acrobatics it nearly melted my brain.  Now onto exams studying and a great big Behavior Modification assignment.


I’m left in weird state lately. Nowhere is home, half-way caught in the door. A transition in progress. I’m growing to appreciate some things about my past home, somethings  I’ve learned are unbearable. I love my new home, but there’s still some things I miss. Most are tied to people.


Oh if you’re wondering. I listened to my playlist tonight while writing. It’s gotta be over 3 hours because it’s still playing awesome music.

Oh interesting Psychology/Manitoba link. Stanely Milgram cited a Winnipeger sociologist as one of his greatest influences.


Wintergloves put out one of my favorite Canadian albums of 2008. They’ve had a spot on my CBC list for about a year now.

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So today I was going through some CD’s in a box and guess what I found! A whole bunch of music I had almost completely forgotten about! Here’s a quick list of some bands I just realized I FUCKING LOVED back around grade nine and ten.


Try melting gouda and pepper jack cheese into your kraft dinner.

Currently I’m avoiding reading my Behavior Mod text. First I cleaned the entire kitchen, and then I made a new CBC playlist, now I’m blogging.


Interesting things that happened to me in the last few days:

While waiting for my bus around 6 am at the greyhound stop I made an interesting acquaintance. The guy beside me turns out to be an ex-con who just got out of the Brandon correctional centre. Apparently I’m his first non-prison human contact since being released. He proceeds to tell me about how and why prison suck for about ten minutes, then about his family. Seemed like a nice guy but I was a little uncomfortable with his over-disclosure.

I learned what an old lady puts in her cauliflower soup, and saw pictures of the Colombian immigrants that live in her basement. They call her mom.

Nearly pooped myself in class while discussing symbolic interactionist principles.  Which brings me to another question I have. Am I becoming that guy in class? I answer more than one question in class often, but only because I have professors that are really interactive, plus I’m usually genuinely interested. What are your guys’ opinions on what makes you “that guy”? What are the exceptions?

Oh and HOLY SHIT TRISTA! I heard what happened, that’s crazy.  I hope you’re feeling better! Hopfully you’re reading this, because I have something to cheer you up. Present after the link.


New CBC playlist!!!!!! Seriously you fuckers. LISTEN!

Featuring: Dan Mangan, Hayden, Wintergloves, D’Urbervilles, Arkells, Rural Alberta Advantage, Joel Plaskett, Holy Fuck and MUCH MUCH MORE!

HOURS OF MUSIC! Remember you can flip around if you don’t like or have already heard!

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