August 2009

Busy week here. Lots of packing to do, paper work, birthday parties, going away parties, etc.


As I sit here I’m waiting for Steve to get off work so we can frantically begin to run around town picking up things for our week long excursion.


While we’re gone I expect you all to pick up the slack in the humor department maintain Brandon’s current quota. Trista I’m looking at you.


We’ll be taking pictures each day and writing down notes of interest to bring back to you.

If you need to reach us send us a text, we’ll be checking daily. Oh and here’s some funny before I leave.


This is basically what you can watch in place of hanging out with Steve and I

We’re not from New Zealand though




Our babies would never stop frowning… oh well

I know I posted a lot of BSS videos, but you need to watch this. This kid puts all my BSS covers to shame with his simple telecaster and loop pedal, yes he’s making this entire song in real time

Finally we’ve found somewhere to live in Winnipeg!

I could go through all the play by play drama and disappointment this has been for the last couple weeks.

It’s in a house that’s been divided into two suites. We have the main floor and basement, its decent sized, in a nice old tree’d neighborhood, on a great bus route, and also just mins away from corydon and Osborne village.

So happy.

Registration Changes: EPIC FAIL!

House Hunt: EPIC FAIL!

Health: EPIC FAIL!

Stretch While Sitting In Chair: EPIC FAIL!

Desperation Internet Surf: Conquers!

The blog has been a bit depressing of late, but I promise I have two things to make you feel much better. This picture.


And this website is easily one of the best I’ve found this year. God bless you CBC Radio 3 for keeping me hip to what kids are jiving today what with the hipin and the hopin stomping and stopping with pants all the way down here but no body listens to jazz anymore you know?

Your Welcome

Well another update on the moving status.

Basically my life cluster fucked last week. I got sick, I burned out at work, and all my Winnipeg plans simulatneusly fell through. YAY!

I need to re-register for all my courses YAY!

I’m currently on a mad hunt to find a house/appartment at the last minute. Luckily some good tsuff fell into my lap tonight and I have a few solid options. You guy should give me your input on these places, I’m going to see them on Thursday.

PS I promise this place hasn’t turned into my old blog, but stress induced panic attacks and depression tends to breed writing in me. So pardon the darker turn the blog will take over the next few weeks. Oh btw, how about that totally gay Oscar Wilde inspired poem?