Watch me spin and shit.

Here I am on Saturday, playing guitar and needing a shower. I’m happy  today because I finally fixed the plugin on my amp. Who would have thought it was so easy? I’m also listening to oh so sweet CBC Radio 3 periodically. I have an appointment with one of my clients in a few hours and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing yet, something educational hopefully.

At the beginning of time the universe died and shat itself. Despite our ego; to this day mankind is still quite influenced by these facts.


In sad news, now my second living place in Winnipeg has probably fallen through so the search continues. At least I have two fairly definite roommates. Here’s the house we’re currently trying for.

Clara and Crazy Bear

I LOVE THE SONG “PVC” by Zeroes. So creepy yet cool.



When all the beauty is gone and only ugliness is left, I will ask where have all these sheets gone? Where has my youth gone? When this contract is aged, and the sex is done, where will you be when we’ve all gone wrong? These dirty sights, they’ve all treated you just the same, sides split bleeding on the street, and I’ve come to leave here; to leave me. It’s hard to speak, when you have no words, when every syllable is a trap in a stall. I say jump to the road side, we’ll lick our wounds, leave all the sheets, in the streets; and they’ll be gone. We’ll run away, if only you could see it. I wanted love, you wanted it all. Forget it all; let them sit on their gawking throne, seeing nothing at all.

And last chance on my latest playlist! Check out it’s oh so good tunes before they’re gone. Seriously, clean your house, turn it on, move a little, it’ll be good. New playlist coming next week, sneak preview of about 5 songs at the end of the current one!