May 2009


Right now some low budget Keanu Reeves movie is playing on the Aboriginal network APTN. For some reason APTN has an obsession with Keanu Reeves movies.

Drunken blog ’09 YEAH!………….ok this isn’t really going anywhere.

Happy grad to Trista, Grand Dominatrix of the world. But seriously, congrats on achieving more than my feeble existence ever will.

So in other news there’s two major occurrences. 1st I’m now officially a University of Manitoba student. 2nd I finished my book/collection, well almost, all I need is about 20 random pictures to accompany it’s pages. Ideally reflecting randomness, Manitoba, and grittiness. So far the title is “The Low Spots Between Highways”, look for it on Cafe Press in the near future…..hmmm maybe I can get some kind of Federal or Provincial grant for “Local” talent. *Laugh*.


Follow an hour in my shitty Friday night guard shift.

8:30   Ok, so this is my first ever blog entry from the pool deck. I’m currently sitting in the middle station of the pool deck, and it’s really dead tonight. I’m so bored! What makes it even worse is I need to check this massive clock in front of me ever two minutes. Kill me now…. Ok lets see if there’s any attractive people, creepy I know, but when you’re bored what else can you do? *Scanning*……….Nothing, damn it. Attractive people don’t come swimming here FYI.


The following is a disscussion of America’s cultural and political history from the point of view of a Canadian outsider. I also outline what I believe it is that gets the greater international community so excited and optimistic about President Obama.

There has been a cultural divide in America since it’s earliest history. Is America a country ruled by the word of God, and based on the values of Christianity, or is it the birth place of modern secularism and liberty? The problem is that it is both. Puritan Conservatism and Secular Intellectualism can both rightfully claim to be the hallmark of American identity. For those of you that know the history of America, know that there are many reasons for this. (more…)


This is one of many future posts. This post exists for two reasons; the first is to tell Steve to continue posting. The Portugal post was thoroughly entertaining but we need more.


Secondly this post is the first of a trilogy: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Inspired by one nice comment from Steve I’ve decided to post some more of my studio tinkerings, all are just demo’s ones I didn’t see fit to post, usually because I was drunk at the time of recording, but I’m, bored so now they’re coming out. They will comprise “The Good”, “The Bad” and “The Ugly”. So now I present to you The Good:


Bittersweet Symphony (Verve Cover)

February 7

Acoustic Instrumental, Verse + Chorus

Lovers Spit Outro

Electric outro to “Lovers Spit”

New Mix

Studio playing, strings, keys, and percussion.


Demo of simple power chords progressions.

So I’ve been really bored lately, my work schedule sucks. On the bright side, I’ve learned a lot of new songs. Here’s my version of Broken Social Scene’s “Ibi Dreams of Pavement”.

The foot timing is off, and the guitar is less than perfect, but it’s BSS it shouldn’t be perfect anyways.

in contrast here’s the original BSS song, mines a lot different which is what I was going for……BSS’s is still far superior though what with like 20 instruments and that climatic epic sound.