April 2009

Seriously what the fuck? Are our children slowly turning Japanese?

Katie’s seriously into this shit too…


Exams done for everyone? I know I’m still having trouble letting go of the school year, I still always feel like I should be studying.

So for anyone that doesn’t know my b-day party is Saturday(tommorow) around 7. Be there or be square.

Has anyone here watched Heroes? FUCKING BEST TV SHOW EVER! Ok maybe not ever, but definatly in awhile. I thought it looked kinda lame but it’s so good. It’s so full of twists and confusing shit, I’m sure people that like Lost would enjoy it. I also watched “The Reader” recently, good movie, lots of borderline creepy nudity. It’s the story of a 16 year old boy who is seduced by a former Nazi prison guard (Kate Winslet), then there’s a lot of nakedness and sex. Then the rest of teh movie is the boy as a man dealing with his lovers past. Good stuff. My question is….how the hell did a 18 year old actor manage to do all those explicit scene’s with Kate Winslet without some serious embarrassment, dude probably grew up knocking it out to her Titanic scene.

If you’re doing some cleaning or feeling down check out this weird catchy song from “Wristcutters: A Love Story”. Not a huge Gogol Bordello fan but this song has been in my head for days.

I have an urgent announcements for you folks. Here’s some stats on the last few days of my life.

5 hours of sleep in the last 3 days.

3 coffee’s spillt all over hands/and or body.

1 extra large Wendy’s drinks spillt on self

2 energy drinks

28 hours of studying

Chance of major cardiac episode…High

Serious about the cofee and Wendy’s too. I don’t know what wrong with me, maybe I have Parkinsons. Just 30 mins ago I spilled hot coffee on my balls while trying to hold it there while driving (it’s a guy thing we all hold things under our balls while driving); last night while pulling out the Wendy’s drive thru I tried to drink my coke, but they didn’t give me a straw, so while driving I just took off the lid and tried to drink straight out of it. I got it about a foot away from my face when it like exploded all over me and my car while I was driving. One of my prouder moments I must say.

My vehicle is like covered in pop and coffee right now.

Still avoiding studying? Watch Eagles of Death Metals new video, Jesse Hughs dancing is hilarious.

Patti and I came up with an extremely groundbreaking hypothesis a few nights back. It concerned the correlation between exam season and pevalence of “bush” among university students. We felt it must be a strong correlation.

This blog has his a new low

So I’m exhausted and pulling yet another all nighter studying for exams; when I say all nighter, I mean ALL NGHT. I’m about 3/4 (over an hour) through reading the section on “Health” in my text book. I get up to stretch and review my course sylabus. “Health” isn’t on the exam. FML

In good news tommorow morning is my last exam, a fact that is probably the only thing keepin’ the garage door open, and the keys out of the ignition if you know what I mean. The main problem right now is that I’ve already studied so much, and my last exam is in Soc. not Psych so I’m fighting some serious not giving a shit issues right now. Not as a slight on Socc., just studying for anything that isn’t my major or area of most knowledge sucks.

So word on the street/trailer park is that there’s a BBQ at Steve’s tommorow (Sat.). Anyone reading this is invited as long as you know where Steve lives, this includes you creepy internet stalker. Also I’m 90% sure we’re doing something next Saturday as a schools out/birthday party, so anyone availible is also invited to that. A facebook group should be coming soon (as soon I’m done school).

Apparently my inspirational “Sunscreen” video was not good enough for you needy folks. Apparently Trista is ignorant to her own 90’s upbringing as well. So here’s another piece of inspiration, especially if you’re overweight, middle aged, and tragicaly alone. Many of you probably already know about this but…Susan Boyle is a middle aged, unemployed, Scottish single woman who has a history of depression, was tormented in school, and has never kissed a boy….she lives with her cat. BUT right after everyone stopped snickering THIS HAPPENED.

Goes to show there’s always hope, and if you prejudge people you’re an idiot

I’m killing myself right now with studying. I’m pulling an all nighter studying for my sex exam, which I think is so ironic/hilarious. Seriously though Patti and I are both a wealth of knowledge about sex issues, so if there’s anything you ever wanted to know hit us up.

Also I’m planning on starting a facebook group to establish an official schools done/I’m depressingly old and single party. Come and toast the end of the school year, plus the sadness of my life all in one night!

OK well that’s about all the time I can spend blogging, stay classy.

Actually wait, lets do an online survey inspired by my sex studies. Who in our group do you guys think is most likely to have some sort of secret fetish? Who’s most likely to embarrass their kids? Who is most likely to later join a swinger group?

I think we all know Steve has some sort of thing for hairy chests.

PPS Look how gay I look in this picture

Not quite this gay though…..

wtf man……wtf

I fucking hate teenage girls. I also realized I always fucking hated teenage girls, even when I was a teenage guy. Just thought I should say this.

I heard the funniest phrase today, “Hungry Pants”. If anyone else knows what hungry pants are leave it in the comment section. I literally LOL’d when I heard someone explain it to me.

I hate to turn into one of those sites that just posts video’s, but with exams looming I have time for little else.

In the midst of our exam stress, and being on the cusp of entering the real world I thought this video would be appropriate.

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