March 2009


I’m in love with mental floss.

oh yeah as a side note, boo friends. Boo.

Steve you’re an otter lover.

Elmo is soothing my rage.

For those of you that let me down tonight I hope you spend an eternity listening to this.



So the Psych Club turn out was dismal. Very disappointed in 50 people right now. That’s it, we’re never going to be in the psych office to help you now…….oh wait.

Who thinks it’s going to flood this spring? Apparently ND is already in a state of disaster. flood-dog-cp-w6458861

Why do bands tour during exam season? I want to see Both Sebastien Grainger, as well as the Constantines/Weakerthans concerts in Winnipeg, but alas they’re both in the middle of my cluster fuck of an exam month.

I’m trying to arrange some people to come out tonight but finding no luck. Come on people!  Ok update, Trista has an exam and Patti is sick, Steve is unresponsive……hmmm I’m gonna try Katie……watching a movie with Jenny. Fuck. Even Dana’s busy.

Ham & Turkey Swiss Panini on Rye with Deli mustard and a slice of pickle on the side.

My new favorite lunch time meal. Hardly healthy but whatever. Good stuff.

I would have took a picture but I ate it instead, sorry.

So today I discovered, this website must be made for me.

“Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her “Edward”. I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her “Twilight” book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. F my life.”

Oh final comment of the day. I’d just like to say that white shoes are now EVERYWHERE. Julian of The Strokes, Alex of Franz Ferdinand, Malajube, Jimmy Shaw of Metric has the exact same pair as me.


nme awards 250209

So I’m wasted playing guitar at 2:22 am at night on a Saturday. God bless my family for not killing me. I’m here to inform you that I’ve recently realized why The Matthew Good Band were such a big part of my life. Recently I went back over all of their albums and I was just blown away, Loser Anthems – Audio of Being are all just amazing. Very different from each other but amazing. I think Matthew Good was both 0vverated and underrated at the same time, let me explain. His band was overrated as a commercial hit machine in the mid 90’s, yes they released some catchy hits but those hits were hardly much more popular or catchy than anything the Foo Fighters or The Verve released in the same period. But where they were seriously underrated, and I believe this still haunts Matthew’s career, is as artists. In my opinion Loser Anthems, Beautiful Midnight, and Audio of Being are all masterpieces of the Canadian music scene.

The truly amazing thing though is that they are not that similar in their brilliance.  Each is distinct and special in their own stand alone way.  Each has a distinct concept, theme, and feeling, yet they are all unmistakeably from the same troubled mind.

I can’t recommend these albums enough. Even the commercially catchy Beautiful Midnight has so much to offer, one only has to look to “Born to Kill” “I Miss New Wave” or “Running for Home” to realize this is hardly a popularity grab. Even the idea of listing songs as times in the night from sunset to dawn is genius to my insomniac mind. “Born To Kill” probably influenced me just as much as any song possibly could.

Audio of Being is the pure embodiment of depression, mania, and the uncomfortable parts of society. It is possibly Matthew at his artistic height, while simultaneously being his mental and band low. This album has so many important songs, although “The Rat That Would Be King” is hardly the most catchy song he’s ever written it will always be important to me, it basically helped me get through highschool. I recently also learned “Advertising On Police Cars” Oh and “Fall of Man” is also possibly Matt’s hardest rocking song, can you tell Dave Genn was leaving the band at this point?

Loser Anthems is a EP made on a shoe-string budget released at Matthew’s popularity Zenith, but reflects anything but, it consists of no commercial “singles” but every song is an artistic masterpiece, fucking beautiful everyone. “Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance” and “Flight Recording from Viking 7” will surely go down in his history. I’ve even written a short story based on Flight Recording.

So far I’ve learned 6 Matthew Good Band songs, and I’m adding more everday.

Lastly “She’s Got A New Diuguise” IS grade Nine for me. For anyone that’s ever loved anyone that didn’t love themselves…or you.

ok sorry one last thing, as an insomniac how can I not mention “Haven’t Slept In Years” from Matthew’s young indie years. This song and Symbolistic White Walls made him the highest selling indie artist in Candian history up until recently.

I didn’t know I had any readers. You guys have now motivated me to write interesting posts again. Funny posts!

Oh if nothing else, I would just like to also say that Dr. Zimbardo & The Asch Lines is clearly the coolest band name I’ve ever devised. Not to mention all the intellectual types can feel so smart about it.

Ok so I’m not dead, just overwhelmed by school. Plus I didn’t realize anyone actually read this.

Right now I’m taking a study break from my Abnormal Psychology exam I have tommorow afternoon. Yes it is 3:43 right now. I roll that way. School is killing me, thank god we only have another month.

Saturday I had to put a lady on the spine board and call 911 at work. This was not fun. I won’t go into details, but needless to say it’s kinda a traumatizing event for all involved.

Finally I’ve been compiling a just for fun double album of all my not so great musical work and re-recording the songs/remixing levels. Here’s what it looks like so far…