February 2009

Seriously, fuck off already.

You shamelessly ripped off the chorus of your latest hit from the chorus of a Smashing Pumpkins song. Wow. If they’re going to recycle someone else’s lyrics make sure you pay some sort of homage in the song to the original, instead of just trying to play it off like you came up with it; and for those that say that it’s only the final bit of the chorus and it’s a coincidence……fuck off, it’s the same melody as well just faster, and give me a break if you’re trying to say a band like Mobile didn’t grow up listening to Disarm on the radio. It’s not like this is an unrelated jazz artist or something here.

Here’s what I’m talking about…..

SKIP TO 2:59!

SKIP TO 2:36

“Cause you know it’s true, the killer in me is………. you”


“Send this smile over to you, the killer in me is the killer in you”



Alright I promise I’ll do a real post tomorrow instead of just posting music related videos. I’ve been learning a Tegan and Sara song on the ol’ acoustic though and wanted to share.

I’ve realized that androgynous chicks are fucking hot recently. Tegan and Sara are two twin sisters that epitomize this fact. Shame they’re both lesbians.

I just wanted to make it known that Alex Kapranos of Franz also has white shoes. Just sayin’

PS Love the great Irish novel reference.

I’m working on some new blogs, sorry I haven’t in awhile school almost killed me.

In the meantime he’s some entertainment, the German pavillion knows how to party.


Lastly my not great of “Hearts On Fire”, between the bad mic, and my over zealous strumming it doesn’t turn out great, but take this as proof that I can actually move my mouth while playing. Unfortunatly I need to do something about my down syndrome facial expressions.