January 2009

On this day, perhaps even more than ever before, we remember one man’s dream of freedom and equality. So in honor of a great man I’d like to post a short video. Keep in your mind that this is not only a speech about racism, but rather a statement against all forms of inequality, prejudice, and discrimination. Martin Luther King Jr dreamed of a world that was free and equal, one that was much more perfect then our own; and his words have inspired us to strive for this dream as well.

The last 5 minutes of this video is what then became known as the famous “I Have A Dream” speech.



I’m to lazy to blog about anything so instead, check out some photo’s I’ve dragged up.


And just so Kristine doesn’t think I’m only being mean to her, here’s what my face looked like one day after the Poison Ivy started….Thanks Danielle. Oh yeah it got much worse but i just stopped taking pictures.


I like this photo because we were in Toronto, we were happy, and it’s all blurry just like every night was.


Well have a good one

Trista and I are Psych geeks. We were getting all excited and discussing the ramifications of the recent reproduction of the groundbreaking (and highly controversial) Milgram studies. Through text messaging lol.


Oh yeah “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, or “Six Degrees” of anything really comes from Milgram’s “Small World Theory”, I didn’t know this until now…cool.


This also conincides with me getting WAY TOO EXCITED when Philip Zimbardo, of the Zimbardo Prison Study, Shyness research, and intro videos and text books was on The Colbert Report. Probably no one else knew who he was but I was excited like it was a celebrity or something. I would also like to say not only does Zimbardo have an aweseome name (Dr. Zimbardo), but the dude has aged well, he’s pretty styling and suave looking. If you don’t know who he is, he’s one of the most influential psychologists of our era, plus a cool thing I just learned; his original BA is a triple major! Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology and he recieved summa cum laude recognition. His teaching career is a list of Ivy league universities, and he was highschool pals with Milgram. Wow, I’m totally a fanboy.

New K-OS album comes out this year. Fuck I’m actually really excited from the few clips I’ve already heard. As expected there’s plenty of R&B singing, Amazing lyrics, rock instrumentation, and this time around there’s even a choir and an orchestra. Defiantly one of the most underrated hip-hop artists around. Fuck 50 cent.

In even more exciting music news though, I recently got my happy little hands on a copy of King Khan and The Shrines “What Is”……..HOLY SHIT. I love this crazy fucking retro boogie dance party, seriously……shit. This effect is only increased by the fact that King Khan is a cocky, marshmellowy, East Indian/Canadian dude, who wears a cape and gold short shorts. I think I’m intoxicated just from listening to it! I’ll burn you folks a copy.

Acorns and Horses cry nay.

I’m bored as fuck right now. Hmmm does anyone want to have a candle, wine and cheese party over here, we can play Sarah McLachlin and Laurena McKinnet in the background. Ok, so I kid, but seriously we should just have a chill night and since my mommy and daddy are gone we can do it here if folks want.

I’m listening to Radio 3’s top 103 songs of 08, I’m around 55 right now, pretty solid so far. Instead of doing a playlist this week I’m going to just cherry pick songs I like from their top 103.



So far I’ve avoided the Plague that is floating around our group of friends, this is probably because my immune system is far superior to that of “Talks Shit” Steven Lopes. Either that or maybe because I’m the only one in the group not getting Peppermint basting, or heavy petting.

Anyways I got some time on my hands so I figure I should share some knowledge with you all. As some of you know I’m trained in various rescue techniques as well as first-aid procedures, what not many people know is that I’m also fluent in Aquatic Defense. To rescue someone they must first become completely your bitch. Really it’s almost impossible to be a bigger bitch then when someone is pulling your sorry ass back to safety. Some people have trouble with this idea so Aquatic Defense comes in handy. Here’s a quick list of diagrams and descriptions of defensive techniques that you to can use to dominate your rescue victims: