December 2008



Exams are over. Thank Baby Jesus.

It turned out I did pretty well, all A’s except one B. This I can handle especially because I doubt anyone got over a B in Social Psych.

How did everyone else do? Bryan? I know you’re a pre-reader.

I’m trying to think of some funny story or event that’s happened to me in the last week, for some reason I’m coming up dry. Is it possible my life is becoming less than a endless sequence of unfortunate events and awkward situations? I’m disappointed that no one else has an appreciation for Vonnegut, very disappointed. Hmmm I just learned that I spell disappointed wrong, where would we be without spell check?

STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!!! I love how Chewbacca is wearing the Wookie version of a Christmas sweater, and then Leia breaks into random song to the Stars Wars theme. Lol a family of wookies around the dinner table. Possibly even BETTER WATCH CHEWIE COOKING A HOLIDAY DINNER BY WATCHING A COOKING PROGRAM!. Apparently in the future Transexuals become successful Cooking program hosts. Lastly, Han visits the Chewbacca family on this special occasion.

One interesting thing I noticed in Clark Hall, on our Hall of Fame we have a guy that looks uncannily like Lou Reed. Here you be the judge:

How cool would be be if we had Lou Reed instead of Adriaan de Hoog.

There’s no new playlist for this week but check out last weeks. Buck 65, Power/Indie Pop, Alt Country, Hip Hop, Folk, Rock.

Or even better check out Exclaim! Magazines Best of 2008 winner, Elliott Brood

And now I give you DOG IN SWEATER!

I know I’ve said this before, but I can’t get enough Vonnegut. The man had such a unique, amazing way with words. Here’s some of my favorite parts from his books.


There’s not many things as symbolic of my angst ridden high school years as OK computer era Radiohead. I’m sure I had my share of breakdowns and freak outs to that album. While most my friends were dancing to Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park this was it for me. Particularly these three songs. In my opinion they’re almost perfect, and the videos are so sweet on top of it.

Due to current event in Canadian politics I’ve decided to raise the threat level of conservative world domination from green to amber. I considered Red, but considering this is strictly a Canadian issue I held off.

Oh for a lighter more satirical side of the current Canadian cluster fuck i found this fucking awesome

Or a much shorter but equally satirical

More seriously her point of view is similar to mine and will have to do until i can articulate my own response.

Piaget would have made an awesome blues singer…

*Update* I finished the new playlist, it turned out kinda mellowish in parts this time, and very alt-country influenced at others. Still I hope you enjoy.

PS Remember if you don’t like a song, you can pick and choose off my list.

Ok so I’m taking a break right now from writing a paper on inequality in modern society, focus on Canada. It’s going alright but I have no motivation.

As I’m writing I’m also compiling a new playlist finally over at CBC, feel free to check it out tomorrow. It’s going to be good stuff as usual.

Oh yeah, I added some new pages feel free to check them out. Here’s a brief description of each:

The Issue – Where I’ll try to have a discussion about some issue or another.

The Sounds – A link to my studio recordings page.

The Threat Assessment – Current threat levels