November 2008

*Update* Oh yeah I forgot to recommend the movie “Domino” to you guys too. It’s a movie based on the real life of this bad ass chick named Domino Harvey that came from this rich family but ended up as a bounty hunter. The movie’s got a good blend of action without being a shitty action movie, plus the whole real person aspect makes it cool.

I went a little stress crazy yesterday, rented a movie, bought some music magazines and bought two new albums. First being Kings of Leon’s newest offering, it’s good although I enjoyed my second purchase “Rock Fantasy” from a Edmonton band The Wet Secrets. Defiantly one of Canada’s most underrated bands, not only are they hilarious at times but they actually write extremely catchy songs. Anyways my blog title is directly from their track list, a track that they won best song name for last year over at CBC.

Oh yeah I lied about a new playlist this week, sorry to busy.

In other news I think the world ruined me sometime this week. Between school stress, and a bunch of other shit I’m basically a robot. I have been playing and listening to a lot of music though, so maybe that’s what my zombie robot existence will settle into.


Just another short post. I’m writing an essay again and figured I’d take a study break. Yesterday morning they had a linguist on the CBC Radio 1 Morning Show, on Thursday they had a Winnipegger on “The Office” so they wanted to know if she did a good impression of the Winnipeg accent. Apparently not. She spoke much to slow, and emphasized her “o”‘s in a weird way, actually the same way most American’s think Canadians do, even though when they watch Canadian actors they don’t notice any extended “o”s.

So what does our accent sound like? Well according to her we speak one of the most easily understood forms of Non-regional English in North America, non-regional English being the form of English most easily understood by all north American’s and the same type most newscasters, and actors speak. This is why so many call centers that service all regions of North America are based here. Still though there are some traits that a closely listening person can notice about our accent.

We speak quickly, and in short bursts. We “close off” our vowels tightly, meaning we don’t drag them on and sometimes almost skip them. The thing though i personally noticed doing that she mention is that we omit words when we speak. Ex. “You going to The Cavern tonight?” instead of “Are you going to The Cavern tonight?. We totally do this. her explanation was complex but part of the reason she gave for our quick speaking accent is that people in cold climates like this often speak quicker because they’re cold……but get this this is even crazier; it’s her belief that the other reason we talk quickly and with closed sides of our mouth is because the Mosquito population in Winnipeg a century ago would have been horrendous and when you’re being eaten by, or having your face swarmed by bugs, you tend to speak quicker and keep your mouth more shut. I found this hilarious.

So now you know. Next week it’ll answer Bryan’s essay of a comment, and I have an essay of my own on a different subject to post. yesterday morning at work I wrote a big post on my top political and social issues and why I will probably never vote conservative. it’s long but if you’re interested in society or politics it might be interesting, plus if you disagree go at er’.

I’m bored. Maybe you’re bored too. Here’s some things that entertained me today, I’ve jacked┬ámany straight from the Radio 3 Blog so if you want more goodness hit them up too.

Email From The Past!

How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you!


Right now I’m on study break. I’ve been studying for two exams I have tomorrow morning simultaneously, Classical & Instrumental Conditioning, and Social Psychology. I’m planning on pulling an all nighter, no sleep for me tonight I suppose, but it’s also my own fault. Still though, spending a night reading about classical conditioning is not my idea of fun, not to mention the sheer overwhelming volume of information I’m expected to know for my Social Psych exam. It’s a second year course but the prof treats it like it’s a fourth year course, essentially by the end to get a good mark we’re going to have to be informed professionals in the field of Social Psych, although I suppose this is probably a good thing, considering I’m always complaining that so many people are graduating from University knowing nothing. This partly leads to my topic of the night though, recently Bryan and myself got into a disagreement over the status of Psychology as a science.

Here’s my core arguments for it’s standing, and I might add some concessions as to why some parts are less than perfect: