October 2008

There was something insightful I meant to rail against, but over night I forgot what it was. Oh Psych discussion coming up next post too, just need to solidify my opinions.

So we’re back to school finally, how’s everyone doing? Does anyone that reads this even attend BU? Hmmmm not sure. I’m doing ok other than the three essays and two midterms I’m unprepared for, but lets be honest would I have been prepared even without the strike?

So I was riding my bike to class Thursday morning around 8:00. It was cold and windy. Then God sent me down a little gift to let me know he’s paying attention. My handle bars fell off. Yep….for real. This completely demoralized me and I walked back home and crawled into bed where I waited to be hit by a stray airplane turbine.

I wrote a new Christmas song, it’s OK but instead of being funny like I originally intended it ended up just as a Christmas song. Think kinda Moldy Peaches or acoustic Jack White. If I get a good recording of it I’ll post the demo. My new mic is no where near as good as the last one which could sometimes pass for usable. This also lead me to inquire when The Gem Sweaters first band practice will be? I need your inspiration guys, as well as some serious lyrical help, I rhymed “then” with……….”then” like four times.



Right now I’m procrastinating going lap swimming. I’ve vowed to get back in shape this winter but so far I don’t think I’ve been doing so well. If you’re quick though and you leave right now you might be able to catch a glimpse of me at the pool, I know you’ve been doing this in secret for a few years Trista.



Well no more stalling I guess. Oh with a new week of school comes a new playlist. Please enjoy, I went a little heavy on a few artists, but hey, it’s my list.

Remember, never in the hair.


I know I’ve brought up Mark Berube before but I have to again. He’s been a friend of my family since before i was born, and it seems as though his career is finally taking off for him, and he’s getting the recognition that he deserves. His personal story is pretty amazing but I won’t get into it all right now instead I’ll post some songs from his latest album, and the previous one which is now up for a WCMA Award. Sorry they’re all live, but if you like look him up online for some streaming ones, or check out his bio.

This one is just epic. A improv session half way through followed by beautiful poetry.

These videos don’t really do the guy justice, seeing him in person is pretty awesome, his voice is really strong, and his songwriting is beautiful.

Oh yeah his other band The Fugitives. Raine Maida’s new album kinda comes off as a rip off after you’ve heard theirs.

Now a list of some of my personal idols and favorite characters from modern history in Photographic form. If you can name them all I’ll buy you a drink.


We all know that I have more than my share of quirks and oddities in taste and behavior. Instead though of focusing on the negative ones, lets talk about some of the neutral ones you might not be aware of:

During exam time I usually self-test myself and go over crucial theories while standing in the shower. I don’t do this on purpose, it just happens. Anyone else?

I’ve never worn blue socks in my life. At least not to my knowledge.

I can hold my breath longer than just about anyone I’ve ever come across. Playing dead is a favorite trick down at the pool.

I couldn’t say “Cinnamon” until like gr. 8. “Rorschach” still gives me grief if I’m not properly prepared.

I’ve driven a tractor on several occasions.

I never sit while I bike…well almost never.

In other news, the university is on strike so no school for awhile. This is actually not good at all, because it looks like it’s going to mess just about everything in my school year up. Crap. This also barred me from doing my more interesting post “Awesome Bikes on Campus”.

No new playlist yet for this week but I do have two new bands I’d highly recommend:

The Green Hour Band (Vancouver) – An awesome AWESOME 60’s style garage band.

Plants and Animals (Montreal) – Great alt rock/alt pop band.

Keep on Keepin on