September 2008

Well today’s post is going to be devoted to the anger I feel in several of my university classes. So lets start at the beginning.

Primarily this has to do with two classes, one is a Psych. class, one is a Soc. class. Neither are first year. Here’s the situation in both……..STUPID VAPID DUMB-ASS BITCHES. Please ladies don’t take offense, this isn’t meant to come off sexist, there’s plenty of retard guys in school too. It’s just that usually they’re skipping or sleeping in class/staring at their fingers; but back to the stupid cunts.

Lets start with Psych class. First of all, it’s an incredibly interesting class, like I mean borderline mind blowing/life altering (at least to us Psych majors). On the other hand though it’s also very complicated, fast, paced and difficult. So you expect a certain level of professionalness as in quietly listening, or at least being courteous to the professor. So imagine my surprise on the first day when I sit down behind two girls that totally disregard all rules of respect and common sense. Lets set it up, it’s two volleyball playing looking type girls, wearing tank tops, sweat pants with their high school team on the ass, and they both have their hair back in ponytails. I’m not trying to stereotype but there’s always a couple of chicks like this in every class and half the time they’re half retarded and perusing general studies or phys ed. Anyways so they spend the whole class talk to one another…….LOUDLY…..AND LAUGHING…….ALL CLASS! Are you fucking serious? Chatting is one think but at least fucking whisper and pretend you’re fucking listening. How fucking disrespectful are you to the entire world you dumb twats?!?! To make it worse they’re not even facing the front of the room, they’re literally turned facing one another, sitting in the middle of the class room. Again, are you fucking serious? If I was the prof I would fucking kick you out of class!

Now onto my experience tonight in my Soc. class. Similar story, this time it’s three girls. Instead of res-volleyball girls, it’s high maintenance (big hair and a pound of make up to a night class?) girls. Here’s the background on the Prof. He’s originally from Western Africa, so his native language is a dialect of French. Extremely kind and intelligent man though, and to be honest the accent isn’t really that strong, better than most Quebecer’s actually. Anyways, these girls are pulling the exact same stunt! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE EVEN HERE? JUST READ A COUPLE PAGES OF THE TEXT AND FAIL THE EXAM ALREADY. These girls take it to the next level though because they spend the time they’re not talking texting other people, and when they are talking they’re making fun of the professor. Who the fuck do you think you are? Why are you in a social problems class? Ignorant sluts. Do you have a doctorate? Do you speak three languages? Have you lived anywhere outside North America?

The whole class they were laughing at him about stupid shit like how he’s from Africa, or his pronunciation of things. Wow, high school never ends. The stupid thing too is he wasn’t even making major mistakes just when you have a French accent you say “ave” instead of “Have” sometimes, or “Caaste” instead of “Caste”. Example, we’re talking about special interest groups and pressure groups, and he uses the term “Lobbyist”,

I’m pretty sure he DID say “lobbyist” but head bitch says to her friend. “Whats a hobbyist?” all bitchy. Obviously he said LOBBYIST, and if you seriously couldn’t make that assumption from our discussion then you’re too fucking dumb to be here.

Rant over.

Next post will either be devoted to awesome bikes around campus, funny shit, or pictures of my idols. Hmm that last one ain’t so cool, it’s like Gr. 3 style.


So last Saturday was quite the event. My friend Steve had big birthday party. Here’s some highlights of the night.

The awesome Boob cake Trista and I brought.

-Danielle’s DJ skills (Fuck ’em all)

-Getting in a 20 min discussion about Warhol and The Velvet Underground with Shannon.

-Patti’s “dirt thing”. Did any of us actually eat it though?


Riding in a shopping cart, then wiping out.


The lowpoint point would have to be me puking for 4 hours after. Fun.

We’re going for it again tonight though. Cheap beer and live music at SUDS so we’ll see how that goes. Oh yeah BBQ first, if you’re reading this you’re invited text me for more info.



So I’m working on a new playlist right now, expect that at the end of this post hopefully. Moving my notes from my class notes from my notepad to Word so they can be neater, plus it’s tudying too I guess. I’m cool I know. Here’s how yesterday went:

6:30 am Got out of bed, didn’t actually sleep all night just watched The Comedy Channel and CNN. Good mix.

6:35 Contemplated skipping school. Then decided against it. Showered, ate an ommlette, walked the dog.

7:45 Started my bike ride to university. Fuck it’s cold.

7:50 Realize my back bike wheel is loose and I’m about to have some sort of horrific crash.

7:51 I begin to speed walk my bike to school. Fuck I feel like a loser.

8:30 – 11:30 I sit in class fighting an epic battle against my body trying not to go into a huge coughing fit. Simultaneously I’m trying to keep my nose from running down my face, water/snot is pouring out of it like Niagara falls.

9:00 Give up. Leave class and re-group in the bathroom, and return.

10:10 Trista brings me coffee. Thanks Mommy 😀

10:40 It’s actually a double Esspresso. The caffeine gets to my sleep deprived body and I kinda freak out a little bit and my soul leaves my body and I kill a unicorn in space. Fucking overrated egotistical horse ass.

It got ok from there on.

First day of school half over. So far so good. I’m a total geek when it comes to Psych and Soc, so I was the most interested person in the whole class for my first class. Second class fucking sucked, but I saw that coming, luckily I have Trista to share that burden with. Oh yeah I’m now apparently the Vice President of the Psych Club! Mostly because I’m the fastest emerging great mind in the discipline, also because there is only two of us so far.

I went the Oasis/Ryan Adams concert on Monday. Despite a certain detractor in my company, I thought it was actually really good. Ryan could have chosen better songs in some cases, and Oasis could have played longer though. Other than that though, pretty fun.

I’ll blog again on the rest of that day tonight when I get home. In the meantime don’t forget my weeks CBC playlist.


Alright new site operational. Lets see how long this one lasts. To my knowledge all my friends have dropped out of the blog business and I quasi quit as well. Now I’m back though, fresh and new. This blog will be more personal than my last incarnation and less poetic (emo) than my first blog. Expect to find my day to day tribulations on here, as well as some really sweet ass Canadian music. I’ve decided on a semi-weekly basis I will post my CBC Radio 3 Playlist for you to all enjoy. It will be made up of cool new finds I’ve made on the site. I encourage you guys to check it out for yourself as well. Oh yeah anything you don’t like…just skip. Lastly I might sometimes post some of my own musical tinkerings, lately I’ve become more prolific than usual.

Here’s this weeks:

Oh one more thing can someone tell me why Tim Hortens have the slowest moving lines in the entire restaurant/coffee world?